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TNA Analysed 2 - TNA presents Nepotism

Ah yes the wonderful world of the professional wrestler, we mere mortals never really see icons of the business in their early days but it couldn't have been easy.  I mean when you consider just how many young athletes go into pro wrestling with the dream of being the next Rock, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Undertaker and countless others and never reach anything close to that dream you really do have to think that the comparatively small number we see on our favourite show each week are the lucky few.  These are men and women who have worked their asses off, probably done some shitty gigs in their time and picked up a fair share of injuries just getting into the locker rooms of WWE, ROH, TNA and more.  This is before they even prove they have the talent to become top players in the company because we often see new talent debut and vanish shortly after.  In this respect you have to admit that even if you dislike certain wrestlers they at least have worked pretty damn hard to get there, unless you're Garett Bischoff and Brooke Hogan.

Many critics of TNA (myself included) called this utter bullshit from day one when the news that Garett or "jackson james" was the son of Eric Bischoff who was then heavily involved in TNA's writing and production alongside Hulk Hogan, both of whom had joined the company fairly recently.  This talentless shit started out his career as a ref who eventually feuded with his own father to "earn" and I use the word loosely here, a spot on the roster.  His addition only makes me think of how pissed off and upset the rest of the roster must be to see some daddy's boy waltz in and get a job without proving himself in the business prior to earning a regular spot on a national television show.  Could you imagine being a guy like AJ Styles who worked his ass off in the indies before joining TNA, having to be nice to the new guy who only got a job because his dad has influence?

It's not like anyone cared about the Jackson James character reveal anyway even before the so called revelation of his true identity.  It took months before he revealed himself as Eric's son and by then everyone on the internet knew who he was.  His reveal wasn't that impressive as his acting skills are atrocious and he doesn't have the build to be a wrestler.  His wrestling debut garnered chants of "you can't wrestle" a chant which has followed him ever since.  Fans just aren't going to get behind a guy who was handed the job through nepotism no matter how popular you think you are.  It's true that Miz only got his job through whoring himself out on reality television, but at least he was spotted by WWE management and offered the gig and they sure as shit didn't put a belt on Miz within six months of his debut.  Garett had the TV title not long after his victory at lethal lockdown.

Speaking of Lethal Lockdown, how much bullshit was that show?  Father and son topping the card when neither of them can fucking wrestle.  Watching fourtune and Immortal job to each other so Garett can get the pin on his dad was cheap and only made fans hate Garett more than they already did.  How big is your ego if you base the entire pay per view main event around trying to get your son over with the fans?  Fuck you Eric.

Garett brings nothing to the product with his inclusion since he has no background in pro wrestling other than his dad killing WCW.  He has no prior experience thus he has no fans to bring over from another promotion.  He lacks any kind of character or charisma in and out of the ring, his matches are bland and unintersting and his mic skills are beyond saving.  Teaming him with Devon did little to nothing since fans still boo'd whenever he was tagged in.  His recent addition to the ranks of Aces and eights keeps him on camera for no real reason other than to keep daddy's boy on the screen each week.  The best the guy can do is be screen filler, standing around in the background while the big boys speak, the less heard the better and frankly the day cannot come soon enough when he is released from contract so someone who actually deserves the air time can entertain the fans.


On the other side of the coin we have Brooke the darling daughter of Hulk Hogan.  She played up to her twitter fans about never getting involved in the wrestling business but we all knew that wasn't going to last.  The Hogans seem to go through money faster than Ric Flair in an Irish pub so Brooke's addition to the show was inevitable.

Obviously the backstage crew had taken note of the terrible reception that Garett received and decided to alter the way they handled Brooke.  Rather brute forcing her into the company and expecting fans to go crazy they had her run a number shows in the audience as another member of the crowd.  Of course this went wrong immediately when the camera team regularly stopped showing the action in the ring and decided to focus on her pretending to be interested in the match.  She even got fans backs up whenever she was shown with chants of "sit down Brooke!"  Not exactly a glowing endorsement is it.

This later led to her denying rumours that she was planning on joining TNA and even went on record stating that wrestling was something she would never really be interested in.  Again this was a poor attempt to try and surprise fans of her eventual addition to the roster.  She continued to appear on the show now accompanied by Dixie Carter more notably during the Claire Lynch storyline.  Eventually after the departure of Karen and Jeff Jarrett, she was given the role of knockouts general manager.  At least Karen Jarretts appointment to the role made sense when Immortal was running the show, Brooke's appointment is simply to get her on screen regularly.

Like Garett I don't see what she brings to the product, she has no fans that would watch TNA just because she is there.  She has very little talent in regards to acting backstage and seems to only be interested in promoting her dead on arrival singing career, evidenced by her theme which features her own vocal stylings.  I guess she and Jeff Hardy each share a common interest in hearing themselves speak and or sing when no one else wants to hear them.

I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Brooke one day ends up wrestling in some ill fated attempt to drum up viewing figures, which may well work if only to see another match as terrible as Jenna Morasca's performance.  The writing team (read: Hulk Hogan) seem to be pushing her during this Triple H and Steph McMahon style power couple story complete with angry father looking for a fight.  My brother has already called Brooke making a heel turn in a couple of months and being in on the act the entire time and joining the Aces against her dear OLD dad.

Nepotism is nothing new in this world but when you show it so brazenly on screen in front of a national audience it does nothing to help your corporate image.  You could say Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon's addition to the attitude era was along the same lines, but when you look at it the circumstances are very different.  Shane worked backstage for many years before getting in front of the camera and the guy never wrestled a match like a wrestler.  His fights at least didn't involve him main eventing and winning, more often than not he had his ass kicked by his opponents and mostly played into the fans hate for the boss and his son.  The fans can get behind a character who cheats, takes cheap shots, uses muscle to back him up and cannot actually wrestle but instead brawls.

Stephanie at least played a more character driven role, rarely wrestling and went over with the fans again by being a major heel when she joined forces with Triple H and started the McMahon Helmsley era, an era we don't seem to be out of yet.....

Personally there is no salvaging the Garett situation and the Brooke story will likely fizzle out like all TNA plotlines.  Thanks for reading and see you next week for TNA analysed 3.


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