Monday, 15 April 2013

Goodbye TNA review, Hello TNA analysed

As time has gone by here at Critical Rocket I have done a fair amount of TNA reviews for every pay per view and event for weeks and I thought last week that just talking about the matches and the details as they trickled through in the usual fashion is frankly pointless and sometimes become meaningless when TNA u-turn a plot.

So the new format is this.  I will try to post once a week a piece about specific parts of the TNA product that just don't make any sense and this list can be quite extensive.  Now I am not a fan of the company but I would never say TNA does bad wrestling, in fact they have some great wrestlers who do their best to put on a good show, the main issue TNA has is the way management handle their talent and the truly awful writing staff.

There really isn't any shortage of bad angles, poor business decisions, outright lies, talent mismanagement, under paying performers, nepotism, Hogan's friends, Hogan and Bischoff, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Slamming WWE and many more exist as topics for my new format.

This week I will probably not post as I will be working to come up with all the points of issue with the topic I have chosen and why TNA fail so much in this regard.  So before I spend the foreseeable future tearing into this company lets have a look at what I like about it.

Firstly as mentioned above I really do like the wrestling in the show more often than not.  The knockouts are pretty hit and miss, but a majority of the male wrestlers matches are decent and often have some impressive work put into them.  They are let down a lot by a lack of storytelling to give context to the matches.  Sometimes they feel like they have been thrown together using a random character select option instead of crafting a conflict.  But that aside the actual wrestling in TNA is pretty good overall.

It is a little refreshing to see a wrestling show that isn't overly focused on getting you to download an app, sign up to a anti-bullying campaign, see the new crap movie or bombarding us with bullshit stats like "The worlds longest running episodic television show".  Have they never heard of Coronation Street?  A soap opera that has been in constant production since the 60's?  And don't give this crap about it always being live, because Raw was being pre-taped during the monday night wars.  Anyway TNA does at least keep things focused mostly on their product during each episode.

The list pretty much ends there but if it was any larger I wouldn't have issue with the company in the first place really.  It's just a calamitous list of errors constantly being perpetrated by a small group of people unable to get their head out of the nostalgia of the 90's and early attitude era.  I think my first post will be about one of the more controversial characters in TNA, Jeff Hardy.

See you next week and thanks for reading.


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