Sunday, 17 March 2013

Transformers CCG update 28

Back again for a rather Autobot centric update.  The biggest character here is Sky lynx, not a particular favourite of mine to be honest but I am sure he has his fans out there.  His ability to switch between three different modes will make him extremely flexible against the Decepticons in any combat scenario.

Other autobots that appear here are the rather oddly named Sky high and....Sky high.  Both are flyers which is something the Autobots need when facing a superior aerial combat force in the 'cons.  They will have their own unique traits to make them both useful in different situations.

Finally there is Skyfall another action master character who sadly I have no alternate mode image for that fits the art style so the assumption here is that these characters will only ever fight in their robot modes.  Still their action masters will be beneficial to the team as a whole because they will be able to do big damage, heal or provide other bonuses to friendly units.

Thanks for checking in again and keep coming back for more updates in the coming weeks. 


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