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Star Wars X-Wing - Character and Ship Guide - Millennium Falcon/YT-1300

The last guide for wave 2 is here and it was well worth the wait as we now have one of the most iconic ships, if not the most iconic ship of the Star Wars universe the Millennium Falcon.  Much like the Firespray this ship is highly versatile and heavily armed with unique combat mechanics and customisation options for players.  This ship is also unique in that it has 2 separate statistics amounts based on a standard YT-1300 and the Falcon.

Faction: Rebel Alliance/Neutral
Ship: Millennium Falcon/YT-1300
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 3 (2)
Agility: 1
Hull: 8 (6)
Shields: 5 (4)

Please note that the numbers in brackets are those of the "outer rim smuggler pilot" who has lower stats compared to Falcon pilots.

The sturdy and reliable YT-1300 is the mainstay of the Corellian trade fleet and a highly modular vessel allowing for numerous upgrades and improvements by owners whatever their needs.  Generally these needs are for smuggling and the Millennium Falcon is probably the most famous of these vessels in the galaxy.  Heavily armed and armoured, the ship is extremely dangerous for fighter pilots to engage unless they are prepared to face it's dual quad laser turrets and warhead compliment.  Even if the ship is outnumbered it can still take a beating, with improved shield generators, uprated engines and a faster than standard hyperdrive unit, the Falcon is as fast as she is dangerous.  Couple this with the ships unique ability to fire in 360 degree arc and you may need to consider making hit and run attacks against these targets.

Even the standard model YT-1300 is capable of defending itself with dual quad lasers and average shielding.  Of course even the falcon has downsides outside of it's dodgy hyperdrive unit.  The YT-1300 is an expensive unit to field and it's low agility makes it somewhat easy to hit, coupled with it's large base means it's easier to target for fighters.

All YT-1300 transports are capable of the (Focus) and (Target Lock) ability.  With the Title card Millennium Falcon your ship gains the (Evade) ability.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards:

Outer Rim Smuggler
Lando Calrissian
Han Solo

Equipment Cards:

Concussion Missiles
Assault Missiles
Engine Upgrade (2)
Shield Upgrade (2)
Veteran Instincts
Draw Their Fire
Millennium Falcon
Luke Skywalker
Nien Nunb
Weapons Engineer

Below is the list of YT-1300 pilots in ascending order of skill along with points cost and pilot abilities.

Name: Outer Rim Smuggler
Skill Value: 1
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Crew (2)
Squad Cost: 27

Name: Chewbacca
Skill Value: 5
Pilot Ability: When you are dealt a faceup damage card, immediately flip it facedown (without resolving its ability). 
Upgrades: Crew (2), Missile, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 42

Name: Lando Calrissian
Skill Value: 7
Pilot Ability: After you execute a green maneuver, choose 1 other friendly ship at range 1.  That ship my perform 1 free action shown in its action bar.
Upgrades: Crew (2), Missile, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 44

Name: Han Solo
Skill Value: 9
Pilot Ability: When attacking, you may reroll all of your dice.  If you choose to do so, you must reroll as many of your dice as possible.
Upgrades: Crew (2), Missile, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 46

The outer rim smuggler is a great pilot to allow a rebel player the use of the YT-1300 at the cost of a attack die and a reduction in shields and hull, but it's ability to fire in a 360 arc means it can lay down fire every turn without worrying about your end facing with each maneuver.  Chewbacca is the least useful pilot of the Millennium Falcon set of pilots.  Although you have better stats and a 2 point save compared to Lando, his ability to ignore faceup damage cards isn't all that useful since you will be aiming to avoid critical hits if possible.  Lando on the other hand is great because he works very well with tight formations, allowing your fighters to use another action that turn.  Obviously Han is the most expensive and potentially most effective pilot of the bunch.  Getting a crappy roll is nothing to this scoundrel as he can simply reroll all of his dice and get a better result (hopefully).

Again like the Firespray these ships are pretty expensive, with Han costing almost half of a 100 point squad before any upgrades or secondary weapons, and I get the feeling these are meant again to be used in larger point games or in special scenarios to be able to make full use of these large ships.  Still the Falcon/YT-1300 can mount several useful weapons and has a greater emphasis on crew cards, with many options available when combined with the crew available from the Slave I set.

Title Card ÷

Name: Millennium Falcon
Ability: YT-1300 only.  Title.  Your action bar gains the (Evade) action icon.
Cost: 1

Weapon Slots ÷

Name: Concussion Missiles
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack (Target Lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack.  You may change 1 of your blank results to a (hit) result.
Cost: 4

Name: Assault Missiles
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack (Target Lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform attack.  If this attack hits, each other ship at range 1 of the defender suffers 1 damage.
Cost: 5

Pilot Upgrades ÷

Name: Veteran Instincts
Ability: Increase your pilot skill value by 2.
Cost: 1

Name: Draw Their Fire
Ability: When a friendly ship at range 1 is hit by an attack, you may suffer 1 of the uncancelled (critical) results instead of the target ship.
Cost: 1

Name: Elusiveness
Ability: When defending, you may receive 1 stress token to choose 1 attack die.  The attacker must reroll that die.  If you have at least 1 stress token, you cannot use this ability.
Cost: 2

Crew Upgrades ÷

Name: Nien Nunb
Ability: Rebel Only.  You may treat all (forward) maneuvers as green maneuvers.
Cost: 1

Name: Weapons Engineer
Ability: You may maintain 2 target locks (only 1 per enemy ship).  When you acquire a target lock, you may lock onto 2 different ships.
Cost: 3

Name: Chewbacca
Ability: Rebel Only.  When you are dealt a damage card, you may immediately discard that card and recover 1 shield.  Then discard this upgrade card.
Cost: 4

Name: Luke Skywalker
Ability: Rebel Only.  After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediately perform a primary weapon attack.  You may change 1 (focus) result to a (hit) result.  You cannot perform another attack this round.
Cost: 7

Modifications ÷

Name: Engine Upgrade
Ability: Your action bar gains the (boost) action icon.
Cost: 4

Name: Shield Upgrade
Ability: Increase your shield value by 1
Cost: 4


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