Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Gearbox and Borderlands are really pissing me off now

This is going to be something of a rant and will likely contain errors on my part, but frankly I need to post about this recent turd from Gearbox and get it out there.

Krieg the so called mysterious "escaped experiment" is the latest piece of DLC to announced alongside a few other new additions for Borderlands 2, you know the game that got a majority of the funding and ended up killing Aliens Colonial Marines.  Now as a fan of Borderlands I am always happy with more new content and the announced level cap increase is what a lot of players have been asking for, but why are players being screwed for more money?

Krieg as seen in the picture here is another steroid whack job character that does little else but add meat to an already large sausage sandwich.  He is basically Brick mark 2 complete with melee special attacks and the most bland and uninspired appearance yet for a Borderlands character.  I mean the guy is just a Psycho bandit with a unique skin.  Sure he will probably have some funny lines and be the kind of character players would like to see, but why do we have to pay for him?  $9.99!? fuck sake that is a lot of cash for what could be a dog turd of a character.  Why in a game all about getting the newest blastiest and biggest gun possible do you want a guy who brings his own lead pipe to the battle?

The Mechromancer was another paid DLC character and she was at least useful for parties, but again she shouldn't be priced so highly.  So far purchasing the season pass has felt pretty hollow when you consider that Captain Scarlett, Campaign of Carnage and Big game hunt aren't even made by Gearbox and much like Duke Nukem Forever and Colonial Marines had been farmed out to other studios.  Also the amount of DLC not covered by the season pass makes the whole thing pointless anyway since only 1 of the three DLC packs are worth the money and the other DLC is stuff that should have been included with the pass anyway.  How do foster a sense of loyalty to a brand and company if you are so happy to shaft customers by continually asking for more money when you have already spent over £50 on the game and it's season pass combined?  Krieg is the final nail in the coffin for me really since it shows the future of the Borderlands franchise as they, to coin a phrase from the Americans, nickel and dime us the entire time after launch. 

Dead Space 3 may have been full of DLC incentives but at least they were up front about it, where Gearbox have simply held back information and left it until much later to reveal information on content.  This level cap increase isn't even part of the fourth DLC pack and the ultimate vault hunter mode is asking for another £3.99/$4.99 just to have a third playthrough.  Season pass holders at least get this for free sort of, but Jesus Christ how shitty can they get?

I know some of you may be calling me out on my previous posts about DLC and how much I support the idea, but it's generally how it's handled.  Borderlands had some of the best DLC out there for a singleplayer/co-op game, but Borderlands 2 I think they missed something about how it's done.  Really gearbox need to stop treating their fans like idiots and give them the facts about what is and isn't going to be DLC in the future so players can make an informed decision about purchasing things like season passes and premium editions.  They also need to decide a better price point for their DLC as it stands if you were to buy both characters for Borderlands 2 you will have spent £16 or $20 which is a third of the price for the full game.

My message to gearbox is this.  Stop taking funds away from projects as it only ends up screwing your fans over, and be more transparent with your content going forward.  You have made some of the best first person shooters ever, don't fuck it up by going for a massive cash grab for a short term gain, because in the long term you only make yourself look like dicks.


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