Friday, 29 March 2013

EA and DICE debut 17 minutes of boredom to hype BF4

We all knew it was coming really, like some kind of lumbering Hill Giant it meandered aimlessly around the gaming landscape picking up awards left and right before finally falling flat on it's arse and passing wind.

Yes Battlefield 4 has been revealed....sort of.  Over the last week we have seen many reveals and debuts during the recent PAX event in the U.S. and really no title was more anticipated than Battlefield.  This mega franchise made a admirable attempt of dethroning call of duty from it's top spot and although it may not have succeeded in this endeavour it did at least become joint top with COD. 

The main problem with Battlefield 4 is that it was announced so soon after Battlefield 3, and we all know that this is too short a time to release an entirely new entry into the long running franchise.  We won't be seeing the same kind of evolution like previous games.  You only have to look at the differences between Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 and then Battlefield 3 to see a real evolution of the series.  Battlefield 4 will share the same engine virtually with probably the exact same weapon set and only a few new vehicles.

Unfortunately this is all speculation really as the debut footage was from the unwanted singleplayer campaign.  I don't understand this desperate need to have a 24 style 'stop the bomb' plot in military shooters these days.  Why do war games now want to be interactive Tom Clancy novels?  What was wrong with being a soldier in a war and the singleplayer campaign took you from battlefield to battlefield.  All this specs ops sneaking and vaguely defined east European stereotypes have long since passed their sell by date.

No doubt the multiplayer in Battlefield 4 will feature the same multiplayer factions with no context as to why Russian and American forces would be fighting in the middle of Paris.  Would it have killed the dev team to hire a French voice actor and skin some French military uniforms?  The same goes for the Iranian maps in BF3, hell the Iranian voices are already there along with the skins from that games singleplayer.

Now I am not saying the level that is shown in the demo is terrible it just isn't really indicative of what the meat of the game will be.  People want to see what will be new for them in the multiplayer arena.  New maps, new guns, new vehicles, new modes and probably more are what all Battlefield fans are hoping to see.  Watching four interchangeable soldiers shoot hundreds of identikit Russian soldiers is nothing new and frankly pretty boring.  If the demo was meant to be a showcase of new engine improvements then it didn't succeed because unless you can literally go into any building online and blow new ways into areas, no one cares.  Of course it will be the same as BF3 with very little terrain deformation other than the odd building which can have a few walls blown up here and there.

Not like any of this really matters anyway since the Battlefield 4 will sell a shitload of copies and be another huge hit for 2013.  I just hope DICE add something new for the series with BF4 and not just copy and paste BF3 with some new maps.


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