Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Transformers CCG Update 27

It's been a while again, and once again I apologise for not posting any new Transformers Conflicts images since January I think.  Well that changes today as I have 5 new characters to show in their template forms, before I finalise the stat images and flavour text for the special abilities.

Anyway onto the cards.  So today we have three autobots consisting of Sizzle, Sky High and the original Skids, not to be confused with the racist stereotype version from the shit live action films.  On the decepticon side we have Skullcruncher and Skullgrin, both originally named there.

Anyway Sizzle turns into a rather futuristic car which on the artwork is labelled as a "funny car" which makes no sense.  I am considering making his alternate mode have a special ability based around the cars obvious high speed performance.

Sky high makes up the relatively low number of air capable Autobots seem a little better.  His alternate helicopter mode will be different from jets in that it can maintain regular attacks on foes without needing to strafe targets like jets do.

Skids however is fucking awesome looking and anyone who says otherwise is a fruit fool (note you are not a fruit fool).  Skids will compliment the autobots ground forces, but as yet I have no specific ideas on how to make him unique, but it's early days yet.

Skullcruncher is one of the few transformers capable of shifting into an animal form, which is different.  I can imagine coming up with a crocodile style grapple and death roll ability for him, which would incapacitate a single target until he either transforms or is damaged.

Skullgrin doesn't have the best of artwork but he does turn into a tank and that's all that matters here.  He will be big damage probably, but have a flaw either in his health or defence.  I have yet to read up on him properly.

Anyway there you have it, 5 new cards closer to completion.  Given time this will shape into something more professional looking I hope.  Keep checking back next week where I will hopefully remember to post more images.


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