Thursday, 28 February 2013

The War Z shuffles back onto steam

Yes that's right folks the turds over at Hammerpoint interactive have somehow managed to get their terribly produced and poorly coded open world zombie survival game back onto steam with a few minor alterations to the games product description on the store page.

Don't expect there to be sweeping changes to the gameplay or a fresh reboot of the game from the developers that would be asking too much.  No the War Z is still the same old piece of shit that was released in December 2012.  The new description doesn't do much to entice those once bitten customers, instead they just removed the information about map sizes and player numbers and pretty much left it at that.

Seriously DO NOT buy this game, even if it's cheap, even if it's free just stay away from it.  The game was made to piggyback off the success of DayZ and to sucker customers into thinking that this was going to be like DayZ but somehow better with a bigger budget and full dev team support.  You know how a big film like Transformers will be released and then you will see other similarly titled products like Transmorphers?  Well this is the game equivalent to that, a name that is close enough to trick some customers into thinking it's the real deal but at a much lower price point.

According to some reports the game is now plagued by hackers and cheats which is brilliant because it further shows much of a cluster fuck this entire project has been.  If hackers are running rampant in your online world then you know it's time to pull the plug and move onto your next con job.  I don't even own the game and it pisses me off no end the way these assholes at Hammerpoint treated customers when the game was first "released", which is a term I use lightly here, a more applicable term would be dog turd.

I mean it's one thing to see a game released in a poor state of completion such as the recent Aliens colonial marines, but at least Gearbox aren't banning players from the steam forums and calling customers idiots for not reading the information properly.  At least there is a chance that Aliens could be improved somewhat by a developer who gives a shit about their fanbase.  Hammerpoint are clearly in this business to rob people and walk away without a single hint of guilt about the whole thing, I mean it would be funny if it wasn't for the fact it was so sad.

I feel bad for anyone who dropped money on this thing and continues to play in some misguided attempt at justifying their purchase.  The silver lining here is that anyone who bought the steam version could get a refund at least, while the poor bastards who bought a copy direct from Hammerpoint are just screwed pure and simple.  There is always the chance that the game will somehow improve over time, but even if it does it will be a very long time in coming.

Just whatever you do, stay away from this game it is a terrible scam and will only make you feel like a mug for buying it.


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