Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Wave 2 pushed back to March

Yes and before you start raging at FFG please be aware that these shipping dates always slip.  The stock has been on the boat since late January so it's about right that the models would arrive around the end of February.

The release will now be March in North America and probably mid to late March for the UK and beyond.  It's a shame of course that these great models have been delayed once again, but there is little else to do other than discuss the game some more and twiddle out thumbs.

I do have a few ideas for new scenarios with these models that I will be posting when I get the myself.  I made a large-ish order for:

3 A-Wings
3 TIE Interceptors
1 Millennium Falcon
1 Slave I

I do intend on getting 1 extra YT/1300 and Firespray since they will work well as scenario ships for a third bounty hunter/pirate/mercenary faction.  I do envisage being able to use a few Y-Wings and the larger ships to act as these independent fighters.

Who knows we may get lucky and have an earlier release than expected now or possibly some hint as to the next set of ships we can expect for wave 3.

Until then have fun and keep calm :)


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