Sunday, 10 February 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines please be good!

Many a gamer over the years have dreamt about reliving those classic moments from James Cameron's Aliens.  Motion trackers, Smart guns, Pulse rifles and shotguns for close encounters are what we all want to play around with in the Aliens universe. 

Sadly the attempts at this over the years has been pretty sub par really.  Aliens versus Predator have been a moderate success and delivered some of those tense moments, but really we want to move with a squad exchanging banter and checking every wall for hidden Xenomorphs.  AvP has only been able to provide monster closets of Xenomorphs with all the sounds and weapons, but that's it.

Enter Gearbox the highly praised creator of the more recent Borderlands series along with earlier titles such as Half Life: Opposing Force and *ahem* Duke Nukem Forever.  Granted Duke Forever was a botched project from other developers, but it still tarnishes the company ever so slightly.  Still here we have a company famed for it's quality shooters and cooperative experience.  So why does Colonial Marines look kinda not good?

What we know is that the game is set to be a sequel to Aliens with the rescue ship arriving 17 days after the Sulaco failed to check in over LV426.  This new ship is far more heavily armed and filled with Marines ready to find out what happened to their lost comrades.  Cue a shitload of potential as we know it's being set on the iconic world, have all of the equipment and even feature cooperative play.  The first problem is the long delays the game suffered.  Usually titles that get pushed back over and over again suffer from having to update visually to keep up with the current graphical effects and improvements as technology moves forward.  Secondly the early preview videos didn't exactly blow everyone away with it's gameplay.

Sure these videos acted as staged demo's to highlight features of the game and the potential it has, but somehow they didn't fill us with confidence.  Randy Pitchford's voiceover was more annoying than entertaining and it's hard to shake the feeling that development of this was hindered by a lack of resources as Gearbox had higher priorities with Borderlands 2.  Of course Borderlands 2 was well worth the wait and has proven be another game of the year candidate.  I think many gamers would like to see Aliens Colonial Marines be given the same treatment, with a longer development cycle and more competent demo's.

DLC announcements from Gamestop haven't exactly instilled confidence in those who have preordered the title with an entire game mode being removed as $14 DLC.  I really want this game to be good, truly I do.  Being able to run through the ruined buildings of the shake and bake colony of LV426 with a few buddies sounds fucking awesome, but still it feels like the game will be mediocre and not great like it should be. 

Come on Gearbox prove me and many others wrong with another amazing first person shooter experience.


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