Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Upcoming posts

Since I haven't really got much to post about today I thought I would lay out a few of my future plans for the blog that should be showing up during February.

Firstly there is the release of Fist of the north Star Ken's Rage 2, which will be reviewed by myself sometime in mid February since it will take me a few days post launch to unlock all the characters and complete the story mode.  I am really looking forward to the most manly game of gaming to date.

Transformers Conflicts is nearing a new stage of development.  Only 2 more folders of characters exist for me to complete and then I can move onto creating the stat symbols and begin the long task of statting the characters and coming up with special abilities for them.  This will be the longest part and likely the most difficult because game balance is going to be key.

Fantasy Flight Games will be launching Wave 2 of their awesome X-Wing models in February and I am getting a decent number of them for my birthday.  I already have plans to create several scenarios based around these models and also adding to my popular ship and character guides.  Expect several X-Wing related updates to flood the blog in late Feb.

Mechwarrior Online has become really fun now that I am part of a regular gaming group online.  I will be posting about builds that I use and how useful I found them, if I remember to.  In a perfect world I would love to be able to record my matches and post them to a Critical Rocket youtube page, but until they launch EU servers to keep down my lag, I am a little restricted in my Mechwarrior related posts.  I will try to post up my thoughts and tactics when using the current mechs in game.

Other games are launching in February, one of them being the Aliens Colonial Marines which I am really looking forward to, but have yet to preorder.  I am still not 100% sure on buying this until I see a few reviews on sites like Gametrailers and Eurogamer before making a final decision.

Obviously the usual TNA reviews and other posts about the gaming industry that interest me will be posted over time.  You know what, I will start a basic version of my Mechwarrior Online Mech guides now.  See you tomorrow and thanks for reading.


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