Friday, 11 January 2013

Transformers CCG Update 26

More cards and new ideas for me recently.  I got to the Sixshot character who you know can change into 5 alternate forms.  Previously I completed Quickswitch for the Autobots, but I decided to do his alternate modes on seperate cards.  Here with Sixshot I decided to create 6 cards in total, each having a different mode on it.  This isn't final by any means, but I personally prefer this style compared to Quickswitch.

The autobots aren't left out here with Sideswipe making an appearance at last.  Sideswipe is one of my favourite characters and will always be in my deck.  Siren and Sidetrack are going to be good supports with Sidetrack being able to provide ranged fire support for allies from the main Autobot base, while Siren is a great infiltrator.


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