Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The WarZ controversy continues

You know today i was feeling pretty good about things.  I was planning a review of Torchlight 2, a game that I have had immense fun with online with my girlfriend and I recommend at least giving it a look if you enjoy Diablo style games with random loot drops, random dungeon layout and online cooperative multiplayer, but this will have to wait because the pile of dog shit that landed on eurogamers front page this morning is fucking hilarious.

As many of you know the recently launched zombie survival MMO the War Z has had a somewhat chaotic launch filled with drama and a fair bit of false advertising.  You can read about it at this link here on the blog where I also link to previous eurogamer articles about one Sergey titov a man who rivals John Carmack in levels of arrogance.  The difference here being that at least John Carmack worked on a good game before Daikatana.

Titov when previously interviewed about the War Z issues merely referred to angry users as "those who misread" the information on their game.  Bearing in mind that the information was all wrong and had at that time been proven wrong by hundreds of players.  As the outrage continued a hammerpoint interactive moderator going by the forum name "Kewk" was actively banning accounts of those who were complaining about these issues on the forums and rumours abound of hammerpoint getting steam to ban certain accounts also.

The silver lining of this was that steam listened to the community and removed the game from their store and offered refunds for all players who bought the game through them.  This helped a little but still didn't help the fact that this company had been actively deceiving players about the content of their game.  It has also been revealed that Hammerpoint have since stopped selling the game through their official website also.

Now why do I bring this up?  Because Sergey has decided that since his previous statements only served to anger more players and put off potential customers, he changed tact.  Now he is apologising but in such a way that he still comes off as an arrogant arse who refers to the upset customers as the "vocal minority".

“This failure is entirely on my shoulders and if anything I owe thanks to that vocal minority and admit that I should have paid attention sooner. I chose instead to concentrate on the bigger picture"

Now this isn't the complete quote here but here is the line about the so called vocal minority who you know brought the lies to the forefront and got the game removed from steam.

"I was too focused on how great we are and how a small independent team got their first game to over 700,000 users in a two-month period."

Again this statement is two faced on the one hand saying how he was too focused to see the bigger problems but also the saying how great they are.  This is not only arrogant but also highlights how little he actually cares about the issue at hand.  700,000 users is a great number, but that has surely fallen given the circumstances and will likely continue to fall.

"For that I'm truly sorry and apologize to all of our community as well as the larger PC gaming community that is not yet playing The War Z."

This made me laugh.  The idea that the larger PC gaming audience are just chomping at the bit to play their game, they just aren't because they haven't heard of it yet or are waiting for the funds to come through.  Considering the majority of the market share of the open world Zombie apocalypse genre is owned by the popular mod and soon to be retail DayZ, I would say Hammerpoint only stand to lose more gamers than gain any.

Now yes he is making a sort of apology for his own arrogance and sure you can be proud of an achievement you and a team have made in a short time, but there is a certain way of going about apologising and not coming off as...well an arrogant prick really.  I don't want the War Z to fail since it's pretty much already done more damage than any hacker or protest will ever do, but I do hope this marks a point where developers are made aware that players will not sit back and accept any old crap, especially when it isn't what was advertised.

The full story can be seen below


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