Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MechTalk - Yen Lo Wang Centurion Hero Mech

Oh yes you lucky people you, today I return to post my musings and tactics for the Yen Lo Wang.  This was the first hero mech added to Mechwarrior Online and certainly stands out with it's rising sun paint scheme and distinct weapon layout.

Firstly this mech is only available for real money transaction via Mech credits or MC, the games micro transaction currency.  If you like your medium mechs though this is well worth the purchase to support this great game.  The Yen Lo Wang is a tough opponent and a worrying one to face in anything other than an assault mech.

The Yen Lo Wang is a mech from the pages of Battletechs lore, where it saw years of service with the Federated Suns and originally being piloted by Justin Xiang Allard.  The mech is missing it's melee weapon options of either a claw or hatchet, but everything else is there.  It's mounts a AC/20 and 2 medium lasers and with the right upgrades can be altered to mount pulse lasers instead.

Being a medium mech it has a decent speed and plenty of armour as standard, but again more can be added or upgraded to Ferro Fibrous if you would prefer it.  Unfortunately you cannot upgrade with Endo Steel, Ferro Fibrous and Double Heatsinks, so make your choices count.

It's biggest asset is the AC/20 and you will want to make every shot count here since ammo is at a premium during a match and it is very easy to squeeze out every round within a minute or two.  Your best bet with this mech is to make space for more ammo and use it as a executioner of sorts, picking off weakened opponents with your heavy firepower.  Trying to go toe to toe with lightly damaged or undamaged mechs usually ends badly for you, simply because they have more weapons and thus more chances to blow your arm off.  Your medium lasers are there as backup and so relying on them is folly, but they can be useful for keeping light mechs at bay in a pinch.

Of course you could remove the AC/20 for lighter weapons but the options available aren't really justifiable because this is the only Centurion capable of mounting such a heavy weapon and still be capable of decent speed and armour for it's weight class.


Heavy Hitter - The AC/20 is a massive equaliser against heavy mechs and certainly makes them worry when getting close, make every shot count since your ammuntion is low.

Takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin' - The Yen Lo Wang mounts more armour than a standard Centurion and as such is one tough son of a bitch, being capable of taking withering fire and still being able to fight back.

Short Range Killer - Your AC/20 is short range compared to AC/10 and AC/5 weapons so get close when firing to do max damage and keep foes on the back foot.  You have decent speed to keep the gap small and allow you to get behind larger mechs so stay mobile and close when engaging with allied fire support.


A little exposed - The downside to the AC/20 is it's right arm mounting, making it a priority target.  Protect that right side since losing the Autocannon at an early stage will mean you are as threatening as a spider mech when it comes down to damage.

Shot your wad - Ammo is scarce and needs to conserved during combat.  Aim for weak armour spots or anywhere that has been damaged internally to maximise your AC damage, it's pointless firing on an Atlas centre torso when it is fresh, so wait for friendlies to wear it down or focus fire with your AC, remember you are a heavy hitting support mech, not a frontline brawler.

In closing, the Yen Lo Wang is a dangerous opponent close up and deadly when engaged after a long battle.  A good pilot will wait for his chance to utilise that AC/20 and support his allies with laser fire.  The mech isn't the most versatile and compared to the other Centurion chassis's available isn't very flexible build wise, but for players who want to brute force their way to some kills, you couldn't do better.


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