Saturday, 19 January 2013

Critical Rockets least anticipated games of 2013

Every year there are those obnoxious popular titles that all the cynics in us secretly hate.  Those games that ruin the launch schedule because their success means other titles won't sell, so for months your favourite titles get pushed back to avoid the big boys.  This is my list of those titles that I hope will pass by quickly so we can enjoy the real gaming gems of 2013.

Crysis 3 - February 19th

Crysis was an awesome PC exclusive title that really pushed the limits of PC gaming technology when it was released.  Unfortunately the developers of Crysis decided to focus on the piracy figures and brand all PC gamers as thieves and move development primarily to the console market.  Sure PC users got Crysis 2 but it wasn't because they valued PC customers and now with the fast approaching Crisis 3 we are bound to suffer a barrage of launch ads and disingenuine marketing for the PC market. 

Crysis will surely sell a lot of copies and be hailed as an amazing first person shooter for 2013, but for those of us who were tossed aside for the moronic console fanboys it's hard to reconcile even if the game has the latetst buttocks shading and parallax nosehair detailing.

Tomb Raider - March 5th

Lara Croft has gone through several changes over her years in gaming, and it's lucky they don't age the character with each title because she would look like Judge Dredd by now.  This Tomb Raider is a reboot featuring a more timid and unsure Lara who must learn the skills of murder and tomb raiding from scratch.

The series has been topped by Uncharted in the gap between Lara games and this darker edgier approach just feels like a desperation move to bring old fans back.  Honestly is anyone jumping for joy over this title?  Or is this just another one of those games that people can see and comment on it's quality but not really be that enthused by the title.  The sooner it's out of the way the better, since Eidos can do better.

God of War Ascension - March 12th

I like the god of war series but another title set in the past prior to God of war 1 is a third game too many.  The biggest draw of this is multiplayer which is probably going to be fun, but the singleplayer just doesn't hold any interest for me.  We already know Krato's bloody and tragic past and we now know how he will bring vengeance on the gods who wronged him. 

Personally God of war either needs to reboot or advance the story into a new pantheon, but another prequel title that adds little to the story and character is unecessary.  I will probably get this since I have the other GOW titles, but the multiplayer is the only part that interests me.

Pokemon X & Y - October - December

The first 3DS game and the end of the colour titles.  But why in the blue hell have they ignored the ability of this machine to continue with the horrendously dated sprites and chirps?  A 3D overworld and new camera perspective is one thing, but the main meat of anyone Pokemon title is it's combat and again we are robbed of a cool 3D combat engine for one of the most popular RPG series to date.

It will sell a truckload of copies and shift 3DS consoles like nobody's business but people are deluding themselves if they think this is an evolution of the series.

Battlefield 4

Now that Battlefield has gone head to head with Call of Duty we can expect to see annual Battlefield releases.  This is a real shame because this officially marks the end of innovation in the Battlefield series.  Very little improvement will be seen this year and the combat will remain exactly the same from Battlefield 3.  This is a real shame because Battlefield used to be one of the best shooter series on the market.

Elder Scrolls Online

Expect Bethesda to spend a small countries fortune on advertising this latent turd.  The idea of roaming Bethesdas world is a nice idea, but really most players want a simple LAN co-op mode to run around Skyrim in.  Subscription fees will be dropped within 9 months and the game will become free to play like all modern MMO's.  Bethesda will drop it a year later and move onto Elder Scrolls 6.


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