Sunday, 9 December 2012

Warhammer Total War

Yes that is not a typo Creative Assembly have obtained the rights to make games based on the fantasy battles game from Games Workshop.  This is epic news, not only because Warhammer has some pretty cool material, but a game using the total war engine and gameplay would be a perfect fit for the tabletop wargame.

It is unlikely that CA will add every single race from the wargame as a playable faction.  I can see for instance the undead and Chaos being amalgamated to keep things simple, instead of having Beastmen, Chaos warriors and Daemons, I imagine they will combine these forces into a single group.  The undead will probably just be the Vampire Counts since the tomb king forces are largely Egyptian based so they wouldn't fit as well.

The potential map area is huge and includes numerous factions
I would guess that creative assembly will stick to the more European area of the world map which has a majority of the races there.  I also don't think every race will be present from the start anyway since this is a new IP and it is always a practice to play it safe and not do everything at once on a game that may fail.

Diplomacy will be another factor to consider.  Will good aligned races only be able to enter diplomatic talks with other good aligned races?  Or will be able to forge trade agreements with the Orcs when playing as Dwarfs for instance.  It would be safe to say that diplomacy may be very bare bones in the warhammer setting.  I would like a map that allows players to conquer the entirety of the map regardless of alignment and a version where it is good versus evil, involving all of the good races fighting the evil ones.

There is potentially tonnes of DLC opportunities as new units can be added regularly and since Games Workshop bring new models out on a semi regular basis anyway it would be interesting to see what CA do with each race.  The more fantastical creatures will be another fun and interesting aspect to a total war game.  How will giants work for instance.  Will they function like the wargame and sometimes become confused and wander off? Maybe attacking friendlies but being capable of doing massive damage to the enemy.  Will special characters be used as generals or as retinue units which can be called in for a special attacks, or act as hero units on the field.

Magic is also another new addition which will be very powerful in a game using the total war engine.  Having wizards casting fire spells or summoning great demons from the warp will be a potentially awesome sight in the game.

Obviously there are many questions yet to be answered.  For all we know CA may take a different approach with a warhammer game entirely, possibly making a faithful recreation of the tabletop game or a non strategy game along the lines of Space Marine.  I think a majority of fans though will prefer a total war game using the warhammer setting.  Here's hoping CA make another awesome strategy title.

Thanks for reading, comment below on any other ideas might work for this game.


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