Friday, 21 December 2012

Transformers Conflicts - State of play

Things have been quiet on the Transformers Conflict front for a little while now and I know it must be interesting to not see any updates regarding this recently.  The main problem has been christmas and the time it takes up buying gifts and visiting family.  Other factors include a bunch of games to review came up and The Hobbit which was amazing and should be watched if you haven't already.  Even if you have seen it already go again it deserves repeat viewings.

The most recent set of cards I have been working on has been the decepticon combiner team Seacons.  I have completed nearly all of them and will likely finish them over the weekend and post them here later. 

The other Transformers news I have is my newly arrived christmas present from my awesome brother.  This figure is the Project Uranus F-4 Phantom and it looks fucking sweet and is in scale with my Fall of cybertron characters.  I will post pics of it christmas day when I can open it.  I might post a pic of it in the box over the weekend.

So again sorry about the lack of updates but things will return to normal soon as far as the transformers updates go.

I will probably be posting up reviews of whatever games I get from the winter sale on steam so bookmark this blog for my reviews if you like them that is :)


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