Friday, 28 December 2012

Transformers CCG update 25

Another Transformer CCG update here as I introduce a rather cool character to the lineup at last along with a few other characters.

Three autobots make this post a little more autobot centric but I would have to admit that these three would have a tough time fighting against the only decepticon here in the form of Shockwave.  Searchlight is up first.  He might be diminuitive in robot form but he will work well as a scout in conflict zones.

Seaspray is a little more seasoned being a character shown in season 2 of the show.  He will be a useful character for water based conflict zones to collect precious energon where your enemy cannot.  He also boasts some capable combat values also.

Finally we have another water based autobot with Seawatch who like seaspray will be invaluable for earth based water conflict zones where fewer transformers can go.

Shockwave though is the highlight here being one of the rare commander class cards in the game.  Shockwave can lead the decepticons instead of Megatron if you desire since his mind is just as calculating as Megatrons.  He is a tough fighter capable of taking on characters like Optimus, Ultra Magnus and Grimlock in a one on one if need be, although his real power is in the form of support.  Shockwave will be able to heal friendlies and provide buffs to every conflict zone if he is left in Kaon/Nemesis wreck as a commander.

Personally I also find that his card looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.


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