Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tranformers CCG update Winter 2012

Yeah I forgot the number, anyway this update is pure decepticon today, prepare for the deadly if not poorly named Seacon's.  Tentakill will probably change a little from this version at a later date due to his robo tentacles being too large for any text to go by them, but the rest will probably stay the same.  The units unique weapon modes will be added as equip cards to further power up allies or other seacon members and each one will have a pro and con to using them.

Piranacon will be pretty tough like all combiners although I struggle as yet to what will make him more desirable over Bruticus or Devastator.  Anyway that is all for now but more will be popping up here in the coming weeks.

Thanks again everyone and have a good holiday this week.


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