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TNA Review 2nd December 2012

Once again we return to championship Thursday which essentially boils down to a single belt being defended at the end of the night, this time being RVD's X division title.

Please don't schedule Hogan VS Bully Ray
Hogan kicks off the show coming down to the ring to call out Bully Ray.  Hogan is pissed about Bully ray bringing Hogans business and family life together on the show and obviously to keep things private he wants to have an argument about it in front of everyone.  This where logic fails in wrestling programs when deeply personal issues which normally wouldn't be discussed in a public forum get aired to millions.  Bully ray comes down to the ring to point out how much of a babyface he is now and is equally pissed with Hogan not trusting him still.  To be fair I wouldn't trust Bully as far as I could throw him either, considering he is still calling himself Bully, it does seem to indicate he is in the heel category.

Eventually Brooke comes out to try and smooth things over.  She rightly points out that she isn't a child anymore and choose who she wants to date, but Hogan being into daughter a little too much doesn't like this idea.  To break the awkward silence here Austin Aries shows up on screen in Hogans office to complain about how the lack of management backstage is causing problems, namely the lack of a GM due to the whole Bully ray shagging Brooke thing.  Aries makes a joke about Brooke being banged on the very desk Hogan uses which pushes the ageing Hulkster to act as we see him briskly hobble toward the backstage area.

Personally this whole Brooke and Bully ray angle is already tiring and I am not sure where they are going with it.  I hope they don't decide to do a match between Hogan and Bully because that would be painful and pretty awkward to watch to say the least.

Knockout Singles Match - Gail Kim VS Mickie James

I wonder why guys love watching this move being done?
Yeah so this match came about because Gail was pissed with losing the battle royal last week, there is no story build here just an excuse for a match.  Mickie James is gone for a few months after surgery and immediately gets a knockouts title shot.  It must be great being ex-WWE talent and get everything handed to you.  The match itself is pretty standard, not bad but not good.  Mickie wins to build her momentum going into final resolution and Gail jobs again after her looooong reign as knockouts champion.  With Gail it's like watching Kane i.e. unstoppable monster one month, jobber the next.

Backstage James Storm bitches about Bobby Rooo's comments a couple of weeks back until AJ tells him to basically shut up whining about it.  He then points out that at least he has a chance at another title shot unlike AJ.  He is right here after all since his career is pretty much on hold until next years bound for glory, Storm bitching over Rooo making comments about his daughter seems minor in comparison.

We then do the now regular bullshit of Hogan picking 4 potential title contenders for a match tonight and asking them inane questions like "what makes you the better than him?" and "What do you have to show us?"  The returning Kenny King is immediately dropped from the running making his jump from Ring of Honor well worthwhile I'm sure.  Aries also enters himself into an upcoming botchamania by saying Zema Ion has lost the X-Division title 3 times, when he has only won it twice.  Yeah sorry how does that logic work again?

Bobby Rooo pops down to the ring next to build heat for his upcoming title match with Jeff.  He points out how he beat Christian York pretty easily when he had his gutcheck match, while Hardy barely beat him last week.  He also calls York a rookie, even though he has been wrestling for 16 fucking years!  This obviously pisses of York who comes out to face Rooo.  Roo calls him a kid which is weird since York and Rooo are both 35 years old.  York bitch slaps Rooo and a match starts.

Singles Match - Christian York VS Bobby Rooo

York continues to prove his skill as a wrestler
This is easily the best match of the night, York puts Rooo over really well and I am mystified as to why TNA let York go years back, because he is a brilliant worker.  Rooo wins the match via submission and prepares to beat down York post match until Hardy makes the save.  I really hope York gets in on this title match as a triple threat because it would be a lot better than just Rooo and Hardy which I know will be bland as a main event.

In the aces clubhouse the VP discusses how Christmas has come early this year since DOC has been given a match with Kurt Angle at final resolution.  Devon then pipes up to promise Hogan that if he is given a TV title match the aces will hold off attacking anybody backstage.  Now this is from the same group that has broken every single agreement they have made since arriving and have already made it clear that they intend to continue to reduce the lockeroom one man at a time until only Hogan remains.  What makes this funny is that later on Hogan doesn't even react to this offer in any way, instead Samoa Joe accepts the challenge during a short piece to camera so it was all pointless anyway.  Devon may as well have just gone out to the ring and challenged Joe there and then because Hogan was never going to respond apparently.

Tag Match - Kazarian & Christopher Daniels VS James Storm & AJ Styles

This match was alright, but was more about building AJ's story than a normal tag match.  AJ spends a majority of the match missing moves and being countered to show how unfocused he is, while Storm just pretty much squashes Daniels and Kaz pretty much anytime he gets near them.  Storm ends up winning the match when Daniels misses a tag, thinking AJ is still the legal man and gets superkicked for it.

In Hogans office things are kept mercifully short when he just decides to skip the elimination thing entirely and gives the match to Aries.  Like it was going to be anyone else, these segments are so fucking transparent it's painful.
I like the way Daniels is leaning into the kick here

Singles Squash Match - Douglas Williams VS Matt Morgan

Yeah not much of a match really as Morgan crushes Williams with little effort.  Morgan makes his entrance for this match wearing Hogans old robe from his match with Andre like this means something.  It is sort of funny to listen to the commentary team constantly mention that it's Hulks but not mention how he wrestled the match while working for WWF.  Why use it at all?  All it does is highlight how WWF was responsible for Hulkamania and that Hogans fame is born entirely from his WWF run.

Gut check segment next and this one is a clunker.  D'lo brown ends up taking Al Snows spot as a judge after Snow mysteriously vanishes.  I assume this is meant to build some story around Wes Brisco getting his contract but it is completely uninteresting in every way possible.  I will call it now.  Angle was so desperate for Wes to get a contract that he either attacks Al Snow and puts him in a hospital or abducts him.  Angle then convinced D'lo to say yes during the vote so Wes gets the job.  A few weeks later Snow will return and tell us that Angle attacked him and that he was going to vote no.  Angle will turn heel and feud with a now pissed off Wes Brisco.

A few minor backstage things happen before the main event.  ODB tries to do an interview but is too upset over Eric Young's beating by the aces, while Hogan and Bully have another confrontation about the mutual lack of trust.

X-Division Title Match - Austin Aries VS RVD

This match is standard RVD fare really.  He hits his moveset and the crowd go yay, but somehow this match got a fucking "This is wrestling" and "Holy shit" chant?!  Fuck this company, fuck this companies fans and fuck Spike TV for giving them air time in the first place.  You know what, fuck this review.

See you tomorrow for my next X-Wing custom ships post.


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