Sunday, 2 December 2012

Star Wars X-Wing: Custom ship ideas

Like many wargamers I love the idea of adding new units to my favourite wargame.  X-Wing is my favourite to date and although I totally lack any skill in modifying models in any way shape or form, I do often like to think what ships fantasy flight games may add to this great game in the future.

As we know wave 2 was sadly delayed until February 2013 and that has delayed the reveal of wave 3 which will no doubt feature the B-Wing and TIE Bomber.  Since each wave so far has featured four ships, speculation has been rife over which fighters or larger scale vessels will be added in wave 3 and beyond.

Many would prefer more ships of the galactic civil war era or expanded universe.  I agree with this since the clone wars shouldn't be added until much later in the games life cycle.  Frankly the ships of the clone wars era have nothing on TIE fighters and X-Wings.

We also know that the Millennium Falcon will feature a new pilot card that is not named after a famous character of the star wars universe, namely the outer rim smuggler who has lower stats for the ship since it is meant to be a standard YT-1300 transport.

So with these considerations I have thought of several ships which could be added to the game, with stats and my own reasoning behind them.

Z-95 Headhunter

The forerunner to the famous X-Wing this fighter saw use during the clone wars alongside the Y-Wing.  It has the same benefits that the rebels enjoy, namely shields, better armour and a hyperdrive system.  The Headhunter though isn't the most uptodate fighter so it wouldn't be comparable to the more modern X-Wing but it would be a cheap alternative for rebel players who want to field more ships in higher point games and also be a nice addition to a more outlaw themed squadron, whether they be pirate, bandit, smuggler escort, hutt cartel, black sun or independent system defence.

Primary Weapon Value - 2
Agility - 2
Hull - 2
Shield -1

Astromech Slot - 0
Weapon Slot - 1 (Concussion Missiles/Cluster Missiles)

Being it has two laser cannons as standard then it's minimum damage has to be 2 similar to Y-Wing's and TIE fighter's.  It is an older ship but still a superiority fighter for it's day so I thought 2 agility would suit, so it is more agile than a Y-Wing but still outclassed by the average TIE.  The hull is a tricky part really.  X-Wing's have 3 hull to represent the durability of the fighter while the Z-95 is an older chassis that has seen alot of wear and tear with little in the way of updates over the years so again 2 seemed to be fitting for it's hull.  Shields could either be 1 or 2.  I picked 1 here for the example but 1 wouldn't too much of a stretch since it is an older ship meant to avoid fire, not take it.

This version of the fighter would also use the later A4F variant which dispensed with the triple blasters for the concussion missile tubes, allowing it to fit the TIE advanced upgrade cards of cluster missiles and concussion missiles.  Players could also add famous pilots such as Booster Terrik to add a pilot skill card.

Points wise this fighter is intended to be cheaper than the average X-Wing, but more expensive than the TIE fighter.  We must always use the Academy pilot as the base for all points because it is the lowest cost ship in the game.  Since a rookie pilot is 21 points it wouldn't be too much of a push to say that a standard Z-95 would be around 19-20 points each.

R-41 Starchaser

Built as a competitor to the Z-95 Headhunter the R-41 is a good all round and distinct fighter.  It had a big advantage over the Z-95 being equipped with Ion cannons and  laser cannons, but still be capable of dogfighting unlike the Y-Wing.  It's biggest drawbacks was a reduction armour to mount the ion weapons but is still a good choice for any rebel or independent faction player.

Primary Weapon Value - 2
Agility - 2
Hull - 1
Shield - 3

Weapon Slot - 2 (Concussion missiles/Ion Cannon)
Astromech Slot - 0

Yes the low hull has a good reason.  Since this fighter is meant to be a competing craft to the Z-95 it had to be different enough stat wise that it was useful to players in other ways, but have it's own drawbacks.  The R-41 is considered to have a weak armour compliment so it can be destroyed easily with a well place shot, so to represent that it has a single hull rating.  It makes up for this by having 3 shields which prevent those nasty critical hits.  It does have the bonus of being able to equip ion cannons and concussion missiles, making it a good weapons platform.

It again lacks any astromech slot but since it has such a considerable weapons loadout it more than makes up for both its weak hull and astromech options.  I would point it a little higher than the Z-95 at around 21-23 points for a basic fighter, but again this is all down to player choice and homebrew rules.  Larger squadrons could benefit from a R-41 or two.  The fighter like the Z-95 can be utilised by both the rebel alliance and any non aligned factions.

That is it for today.  Later in the week I will be posting my stats for the popular Virago starfighter and the larger Skipray blastboat.

Thanks for reading and have a good week :) and if you think anything should be changed, or you have your own custom fighter cards, leave a comment.


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