Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Star Wars X-Wing Custom ship ideas 2

Back again with another 2 ideas for ships FFG or fantasy flight games could add to their awesome X-Wing dogfight miniatures game.  Last time I pitched the idea of adding the reliable but slightly outdated Z-95 Headhunter and the rarely seen but cool looking R-41 Starchaser.

Today I am looking at another 2 ships that fall outside of both rebel and Imperial use, namely Blacksuns and more specifically Prince Xizor's design and later mass produced Star Viper, and the larger and more deadly Skipray Blastboat.

Skipray Blastboat

At a push I suppose this could be used by imperial players due to it being developed by Sienaar fleet systems, but really it better suits the outer rim factions better. Again this is another older fighter designed for heavy combat duties that performs better in atmospheric conditions than in the vacuum of space.  It can have a max crew of 4, but can be used ably enough by a single pilot.  The crew idea can tie in well with the new crew cards introduced by the Falcon, so possible a few custom crew ideas as a house rule would expand this ships capabilities.  Finally the ship is well armed with ion cannons, a single laser turret and a fore and aft missile tube the latter firing torpedoes, the fore concussion missiles.

Primary Weapon Value - 3
Agility - 1
Hull - 3
Shields - 6

Weapon Slots - 3 (Concussion Missiles/Proton Torpedoes/Ion Cannons)
Skills - Focus, Target Lock

Being that the ships most numerous weapons are ion cannons, it would be a house rule situation or a matter of following the rules of the Y-Wing weapon card.  The laser turret would be it's main damage dealing weapon, capable of firing in a 360 degree arc.  The low agility is to represent the ships sluggish nature in space combat and the fact that it is 25 metres in length, twice that of a standard X-Wing.  To make up for this, it has high shields and a decent hull.  9 hits is a lot of punishment to take down a fighter, but the ability to mount both missiles and torpedoes, along with ion cannons makes it a versatile assault craft.  The biggest downside though would be cost, where it should cost at least 28 points if not more before weapons cards.

Star Viper Starfighter

I like to view Prince Xizor's starfighter design as a sports car of sorts in the space fighter setting.  It isn't built in large numbers, is very specific to Xizor's squadron and must cost a fortune to build compared to even the relatively small numbers of X-Wings built by the Rebellion.  So basically a high cost, high stat fighter.  True this version is based on the later MandalMotors version after Xizor's death, but still the fighter would be relatively capable against most common fighters in use during the galactic civil war.

Primary Weapon Value - 2
Agility - 3
Hull - 2
Shields - 3

Weapon Slots - 1 (Torpedoes)
Skills - Evade, Focus, Target Lock, Barrel Roll

So I decided it should be relatively capable and comparable to an X-Wing with an advantage in agility.  I would say it would use all current skills available to fighters in the game now, but it wouldn't use the new boost skill.  The fighter should cost around 23 points or more depending on what you decide is more appropriate.


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