Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Transformers CCG Update 22

Been a while since any new updates in this area but today I break the silence with 5 new cards.  Now these characters aren't particularly famous in the cartoon series or comics but they are still important to winning the civil war.

Rollbar is another member of the throttlebots a group of specialised scouts and infiltrators so expect Rollbar to give bonuses to conflict zone autobots, possibly being able to reveal face down cards in that conflict zone.

Rollout is another action master who sadly doesn't have a transformed mode so he will use his action master weapon as an equip item for himself or friendlies.  Overall he will be an average character for stats.

In the decepticon camp we have three characters: Rollbar, RoughStuff and Ruckus.  Rollbar and Ruckus are scout characters who can quickly move around the field via their vehicle modes.  Roughstuff on the other hand is a tougher character able to take a beating from autbots and dish out punishment of his own.

Again sorry for the regarding new cards, but I will try and re-double my efforts to finish these cards sooner rather than later.


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