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TNA Review 25th November 2012

So once again we arrive at another 90 minute crapfest of open fight night.  Open fight night would probably work better if it ran a little longer or had something more appropriate for the name change each month.  I don't know OFN originally had the idea of anyone being called out at anytime, but when it is a scripted show the whole calling out thing falls apart.  There is no spontaneity here, it is simply a renamed episode of Impact.

Anyway we kick off tonight with Wes Brisco's gut check match.  Last week Kurt begged for Wes to be given a spot on the roster and that gut check would be the best chance he has.  So here we are.

Gut Check Match - Wes Brisco VS Baby Bischoff

"Ok fella's time to prove who sucks more"
Brisco's attire looks awful with this baby blue colour.  It looks like a pair of jeans for some reason.  They run a pretty amateur match to be brutally honest with lots of moves that look weak and awkward or blown spots.  Either way Brisco wins and is the first gut check contestant to win his match.  This should mean an automatic entry to the roster since he proved himself, but no apparently Wes will still need to be judged next week, dumb ass writing.

Backstage Al Snow gives the previous gut check winners a pep talk about picking the right opponent tonight because it could make or break their career.  I find it interesting how the winners of gut check need to once again prove themselves to management.

Singles Match - Joey Ryan VS Chavo Guerrero

Morgan models jeans while wrestling for GAP
Joey Ryan comes out to inform Hogan that his plan of separating him and Matt Morgan won't work anymore when he and Morgan become the new tag team champions.  He calls out Chavo who comes out to a big pop from the crowd.  The match is a little awkward at times but not bad, hell it was better than Bischoff and Brisco lets put it that way.  Chavo wins of course since he has new character powers.  Post match as he celebrates, Morgan comes out and chokeslams Chavo hard.  Apparently this is another message to Hogan which I am sure he is chuckling to himself about in his office.

After a short break we come back to another match.  At least this episode has had plenty of action even if it is a mixed bag so far.

Singles Match - Sam Shaw VS Alex Silva

Shaw decides to challenge Silva on the logic that if he can beat the original gut check winner then he will prove himself worthy of a place on the roster.  Silva comes out with a new heel persona which is a massive upgrade from his zero personality character from his gut check.  Sadly this match runs like every Cena match since 2007.  Shaw gets his ass kicked for most of it until he powers up and puts Silva down in around 5 moves for the win.  Neither man is bad here it's just the match format is pretty boring and very early nineties.

Backstage in Hogans office Eric Young asks Hogan if he bring back the turkey suit match this year since it is sort of a tradition in TNA.  Hogan doesn't give a fuck to cut it short telling them to go challenge someone since it's open fight night, but wants them to be careful of the aces and eights.  A little later Eric Young finds Robbie E who challenges him to a match.  Jessie Godderz arrives and also ends up in the match to make it a triple threat.

Over in the aces clubhouse or utility closet or whatever it is, the group discuss their work so far and prepare to eat a really cold looking turkey.  Before they dig in they pick another target for tonight's hit.

Singles Match - Christian York VS Jeff Hardy

Christian York got all his best moves from fighting games
Now as much as a I dislike Hardy this is the best match of the night by far.  Hardy puts York over really well and makes York look like a credible threat, even giving him a few near pinfalls.  I was surprised about the match up to begin with since York is a relative newbie kayfabe wise but I have to hand it to both men here it was a good match.  Hardy wins eventually with a swanton.  Post match both York and Hardy are beaten down by Bobby Rooo who now has his sights set on the TNA title.

There is a really funny moment when Brooke Hogan tries to give Taeler Hendrix advice before her match.  What fucking advice can Brooke Hogan give a wrestler?  Taeler Hendrix has probably been in front of a crowd more than Brooke anyway.  Taeler should have bitch slapped Hogan for this.

Singles Match - Taeler Hendrix VS Tara

This match is passable but not really that great with a lot of the moves looking awkward or stiff.  I am not sure if Taeler was off her game or a little nervous but it showed in her match.  Tara wins once again only this time Taeler doesn't get a handshake at the end.

Turkey Suit Match - Eric Young VS Robbie E VS Jessie Godderz

Tara seems strangely happy to do this
I don't know why Jessie and Tara come out again since they were already ringside before the break but whatever.  The match is short but entertaining at least.  Robbie E and Jessie work together at first but that doesn't last long and after a few distractions from ODB and Tara wrestling each other in the ring Eric gets a surprise pin on Jessie.  Jessie leaves the arena in the turkey suit and looks mighty pissed with Tara who seems quite eager to put it on him for some reason.

Post match the aces attack EY with the fake hammer again, this time targeting the foot.  I assume this is so EY can go back to his fishing show for a while.

Singles Match - Kazarian VS AJ Styles

To round out the nights matches we have another match in the never ending feud between AJ styles and Christopher Daniels.  Kazarian has challenged AJ to try and soften him up for final resolution and also to taunt him some more.  If I was writing this I would have had AJ come out focused and angry.  Looking at AJ' story at the moment we have a man who has no title opportunity for a year, now he is being taunted by two guys who have hounded him for the entirety of this year, so I would have AJ be so focused on winning his match with Daniels that he completely destroys Kaz to build for final resolution. 

Sadly they run a normal match which is good don't get me wrong.  Kazarian loses after trying to use the ropes as leverage.  He argues with the ref and AJ plants him for the three count.
Brooke's normal expression when being told anything really

We round off the night with Austin Aries who has now switched his focus from Jeff Hardy to the Hogan family.  He calls out Brooke Hogan to show us all the footage of her and Bully ray as if it is some big secret.  Shit if Hulk had just watched his own show he would have known this as well.  Anyway Aries makes a few digs at WWE for some reason, as if this means something to McMahon or even Levesque because I'm sure the multi billionaire wrestling company owners are really hurt by comments made by a guy who has to settle for second place on TNA. 

So why is Aries doing this?  I am not entirely sure but it seems to have something to do with gaining leverage over Hogan I think so he can have a more level playing field when he next challenges for the title.  I just don't see how revealing something everyone already knows helps him but whatever.  Aries has now made enemies of Bully Ray also by doing this so I guess he will face Bully at the next pay per view.

So another week rolls by and another TNA is done and dusted.  This episode wasn't bad, it had plenty of wrestling for a change and the plot didn't get in the way too much this week.  I would say it was one of the better impacts for a while.


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