Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Star Wars X-Wing Scenario: Desparate Rearguard

The Rebel Alliance acted upon intelligence given to them by a trusted source learning that a large supply convoy bound for the Death Star would be vulnerable when linking up with other elements of the convoy.  A strike force left the Yavin base intent on either destroying the convoy outright or at least steal some of the supplies.  The fleet comprised several frigate and corvette class ships supported by fighters from both Red and Gold squadrons.  Unfortunately for the rebel's the information was purposefully leaked to draw in the rebel fleet for a surprise attack.  The Imperial fleet outnumbered the rebel forces and a retreat was ordered immediately to preserve the ships.  A rearguard was quickly formed consisting of fighters from Red and Gold squads to hold off the fighters long enough to allow the support ships to escape.



Wedge Antilles (R5-D6/Squad Leader)
Red Squadron Pilot (R5 Astromech Droid)
Dutch Vander (R2 Astromech Droid)
Gold Squadron Pilot


Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Winged Gundark

The Rebel's start anywhere  between ranges 1-2 from their board edge.  Imperial Players start from range 1 on their edge.


Imperial Reinforcements:

When a TIE fighter is destroyed the Imperial player replaces that loss with a new TIE the following turn at Range 1 of his board edge, but his pilot card changes to Academy Pilot.  This is to represent the overwhelming Imperial numbers the rebel rearguard faces.  Imperial reinforcements are infinite.


Rebel Victory:

Rebel forces must survive for 5 turns to allow the remaining ships of the fleet to escape for a partial victory.  When turn 5 has finished all rebel fighters must flee the field on their board edge to escape into hyperspace which will count as a total victory.

Imperial Victory:

Imperial forces must destory all rebel fighters in less than 5 turns to open a path for bomber craft to destroy the remaining rebel ships.  If play continues to turn 6 then the objective is to destroy the rebel fighters before they escape from their board edge, if so this is a partial victory.

If any imperial ships of obsidian squadron or Winged Gundark flee the field then they are considered to the have returned to base and they are replaced the following turn by Academy pilot ships instead.  Any rebel ships that leaves the board before turn 5 is considered to have fled and subsequently been destroyed.  

(Please note that this is a trial version of a scenario that may not be balanced.  I have played it twice and had victory for both sides each time, but other players may find some imbalance or other issue based on play area, house rules, or points limit.  The rebel squad is a 100 point squad but can be altered to allow for more extra's such as Astromech units, weapons or pilot skills.  Any feedback would be welcome as this is my first scenario for X-Wing.)


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