Thursday, 15 November 2012

TNA Review: Turning Point 2012

OK I have to admit here I didn't take any notes because I wasn't feeling great when it was on, but I did watch it so here are my opinions on what I could remember.

Overall I think the show was better than Bound for glory.  The matches at least lasted longer and they weren't easy to call from the start.  I liked Magnus and Samoa Joe, but again Magnus lost.  I would have thought by now Magnus may have had a victory against Joe so at least it didn't look too one sided.  Joe has won what, four matches?  If Magnus had won say the second match clean then we could look at this feud and say "yeah Joe won the majority of matches, but Magnus can beat him."  I assume this feud will continue and hopefully Magnus will get a victory or else it will have been completely pointless.

Joseph Park fighting Doc was annoying in my opinion.  It was just like his matches against Bully Ray, it even had the bit where Parks picks up a weapon and spends more time looking at the crowd with a gormless look on his face than actually using it to hit his opponent.  Also Doc is made to look weak against Park.  How are we supposed to take the aces and eights seriously when one of their members barely beats a guy who doesn't wrestle?

The mixed tag match between Tara and Jessie versus ODB and Eric Young was entertaining at least.  I don't know how much time they have left to run this story because last I heard Eric Young is looking to leave the company to focus on his new TV series.  ODB and EY win which I guess might end this power couple feud.

RVD and Joey Ryan I missed because I needed to go to the toilet and it was over before I got back.  I was told by my brother than RVD won an OK match and Matt Morgan kicked RVD in the head as he went to leave.  I would have thought Matt Morgan would have done something to prove his new super heel intentions by now, since he has been threatening Hogan every week.

The triple threat match which would see the loser being kept out of the title picture for an entire year was good, but holy shit are TNA now purposefully screwing over AJ Styles?  He gets pinned so he now has no shot at the title for what 11 months.  Hogan keeps banging this drum about AJ being the face of the company yet he keeps passing him over for title shots and giving them to Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy.  The match was good don't get me wrong, but the stipulation is something they will unlikely keep to after a few months anyway knowing TNA's writing team.

The tag title match was fast and entertaining.  It's a pity TNA don't have a more active tag division anymore because the teams they have now are pretty good.  Chavo and Hernandez retain the titles as expected.  I wonder now if AJ will join Daniels and Kazarian as a heel since he has nothing else to do.

The ladder match between Aries and Hardy was full of ridiculously dangerous spots.  Spots that if they were done in front of a WWE sized crowd you could justify for the pop they would get, but in the impact zone it's just not worth it.  Really the two didn't wrestle so much as performed spots on the ladders.  Eventually Hardy won because he is Jeff Hardy and TNA are shitting themselves thinking he is going to leave them early next year.  I actually think this was the worst part of the show because the end was obvious, the match was full of spots and it wasn't a wrestling match.

But overall it was a good show for TNA, making this 2 in one year that are good.  So it's all downhill again from here.


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