Friday, 2 November 2012

Coming Soon

I have a few things in the works for the blog that will probably materialise sometime next week.

After being told that an item I had preordered months in advance was the wrong version when it arrived I was disappointed to say the least.  Still I got a refund and decided to buy a couple of things I normally wouldn't have been able to get this late in the year.

First I bought the latest Assassin's Creed which was a game I originally had cancelled due to a lack of funds, so I will have a review of that up sometime next week.  It's a big game to say the least and there are plenty of things to do in it.

Second I bought the brilliantly brutal War of the roses on steam and have been having a blast on that.  For the price it is well worth it.  I will probably have a review of this up by Sunday if I remember.

Thirdly I will be updating the recent X-Wing posts with new images of the cards and other bits and pieces so they don't look as bland.

Fourtly I will be doing a review of WWE '13 which arrived today.  I have yet to play it so the review of this may take a little longer with ACIII to chew through.

So there is plenty to come along with another Transformers card updated tomorrow and my usual TNA review.  Thanks for being patient.

Have a great weekend all.


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