Sunday, 21 October 2012

Transformers CCG Update 21

Back again for another update of Transformers Conflicts.  So today we have three autobots and three decepticons. 

First up is Rewind one of Blasters minibots.  Obviously like Soundwave Blaster will be able to deploy his troops as either seperate units on the field or as attachments for Blaster to augment his attack, defence and health.  Rewind on his own will be physically weaker than other autobots but his versatility is high.

Second up is Roadbuster one badass looking autobot.  He looks like a soldier who has been there, done that.  Roadbuster will focus on damage and nothing else.  He will be expensive to deploy but worth the energon, having high health and damage to support autobot frontline operations.  His defence will be lower to try and balance him out a little.

Lastly for the autobots we have one of the optional leader choices in Rodimus Prime.  Rodimus will replace either Optimus or Ultra Magnus as a leader as only one of these characters can be used in any game.  Rodimus will be one tough bastard befitting his leadership status and be powerful all round.  His trailer cannon can be deployed to augment his damage or be attached to a friendly unit to augment their damage instead.  Rodimus will be up there as one of the most expensive cards in the game.

The decepticons all comprise reflector and will be a triple team of support characters for the decepticon player.  Singularly they each have abilties to assist fellow decepticons with either damage or defence buffs.  As their combined form of Reflector they cannot attack but instead allow the decepticon player to reveal a card on the autobot players side every turn.  The downside is the fact that they will need protection while they use this ability since the autobot player can attack them, forcing them to disengage their combiner form or destroy them outright.


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