Saturday, 13 October 2012

Transformers CCG Update 20

Been a while I know, but I have been busy testing out X-Wing and finishing more cards and I am happy to reveal more today.  Ok the first character is Quick Switch and really he doesn't look that great, but he is a six changer.  Six changers are something a little different and I am still not entirely sure how to run this character.  Much like Sixshot he can transform into five different alt modes and each performs a different action.  At the moment I am leaning toward having his alt mode cards be kept seperate in a deck that is facedown, but I am still undecided. 

Ratchet is a classic of course and I am not sure what the artist was thinking of when they made this image of him, but it passes I guess.  Ratchet will obviously be more of a support character capable of healing other autobots and himself, but be physically pretty weak by comparison.

The final autobot is Red Alert.  He is again another support character who will be stronger than Ratchet but not be capable of healing, instead be there to buff friendlies.

On the decepticon side we have Ramjet another of the original series aerial powerhouses.  Since he likes to ram things and take little damage he will obviously be using that as a special ability against both airborne and ground targets, beware.  I also like his artwork.

Ratbat and Ravage round out the cards today.  Ratbat will probably allow a decepticon player to see an opponents card as a special, while Ravage will be able to avoid attacks and assist Soundwave in attacking single targets.


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