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TNA Review: Bound for glory 2012

Bound for glory is according to TNA "the biggest pay per view of the year".  Not their biggest pay per view of the year no, it is THE biggest pay per view of the year compared to all sporting events of the 2012.  I know you have to big up your show but come on TNA this show barely scrapes by as being bigger than any of your other pay per views.

Now admittedly they have a decent sized arena here, though not as big as when they came to the UK, and they have filled the place for once, but that does make you wonder how many tickets did they comp to get a full stadium.  They have moved Tenay and Tazz ringside so they can get in the way during matches like last year, but at least they haven't got a TV just sat in front of their desk on the floor.  They have also built the ramp to go straight to the ring which is a dumb idea anyway since it prevents the performers from having full use of the outside and the camera crew get stuck like lemmings.

So the show is set and jump straight into the first match of the night.

X-Division Title Match - Rob Van Dam VS Zema Ion
Ah the reclining aerial dropkick

So here is a match that had zero build, only being announced a few days prior to the event itself.  Neither man has a grudge against the other nor have they wrestled each other recently.  Literally last week Rob came out during Zema's promo and told him "Hulk said I could pick an opponent for bound for glory and I pick you".  So Hogan just gives title matches away now?  Must be a perk of being one of Hogan's butt buddies.  What makes this match bad though is how it is run.  Rob and Zema both continually break all momentum anytime it looks like the fight is going to pick up pace and become exciting.  This is Bound for glory here people, the biggest TNA event of the year and they open with an over the hill wrestler against a younger wrestler who both run a slow match in the X Division for fucks sake.  Rob is tired pretty early in the match and that only hurts the pacing more until he finally ends the torment by winning the match via pinfall.

Here is another issue I have with this whole X division match.  Zema Ion has been the champion for a while now purely because TNA have let the X division fall by the wayside.  I assumed the intention for him holding the title for so long was so Jesse Sorenson could come back and win the title.  Clealry this and the whole Zema "I break necks and end careers" thing was too much trouble for creative to write so they just decided last minute to give RVD match because shit he hasn't got anything better to do now has he?

TNA Television Title Match - Magnus VS Samoa Joe

Obvious finish is obvious
Here is another match with virtually no build.  Yes Magnus hit Joe after a match during the boung for glory series and then yes he did taunt Joe a couple of times, but if thats build for a match at the companies biggest show then TNA should cut their losses now and move onto new things.  During the four weeks plus they had to build this match not once did they face each other after Magnus attacked Joe during the bound for glory series.  This match had a little more going into than the RVD/Zema match but the end was already a forgone conclusion.  Joe absolutely clobbers Magnus in this match destroying any credibility he may have had as a heel for this feud.  I suppose they could continue this feud in the following impact but knowing TNA this will be the end of Magnus having anything to do with Joe.  Overall this match was pretty boring and predictable.

Street Fight - James Storm VS Bobby Roooo w/guest enforcer King Mo

Ok before I rage about the stupid shit in this match, this match was actually decent as far as a finish to a feud goes.  Storm and Rooo had been trading verbal blows since the cage match they had earlier in the year.  As a finish it works, Storm blades early on and spends the rest of the match wiping blood from his eyes, it's pretty gruesome.  Now the shit that makes no sense. 

This is a street fight so there are no rules, anything goes.  I mean Roo could have brought a shotgun to the match and it would have been legal.  So my problem here is, why did they have King Mo?  What the fuck did he enforce exactly?  All he did was stand around the outside of the ring and watch two guys wrestle.  He was involved twice in the match, the first was bumping into Roo after the ref told him to get involved.  The second was when Rooo threatened the ref after counting two.  Other than that he did absolutely fuck all.  For Mo this was an easy payday, he did nothing and TNA probably spent a fortune signing him to do nothing.  This will go down as another waste of time, money and resources that could have been better spent on other wrestling projects, instead of trying to keep up with WWE.

Grudge Match - Joey Ryan VS Al Snow

This was a match that actually had some build.  Sure Joey Ryan had been "campaigning" for months for a shot at a TNA contract and creative took their sweet time actually getting this feud going, but at least they kept things on track close to the pay per view.  Al Snow seemed to be in his element here after spending so much time in a suit.  Snow even brings out head to a pretty receptive crowd, getting plenty of "head" chants.  The match is short by comparison but tells a story and is entertaining.  The end comes when Matt Morgan jumps the guard rail and attacks Snow giving Ryan the victory and presumably a contract.  Also this marks the second hardcore match of the show.

TNA Tag Team Title Match - Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez VS AJ Styles & Kurt Angle VS Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

Kazarian was so happy to be in the match he jumped for joy
Can someone please explain how a triple threat tag match works when only two men can be in the ring at once?  Why would you tag in the other team who aren't in the ring at the start of the match?  Despite this stupid setup this match was probably the best of the night.  It had plenty of high spots, tags and like all TNA tag matches the rules are thrown out at the end in favour of general chaos.  Chavo and Hernandez win this match in the end which on the one hand is a good result for the faces and Chavo gets a title after recently joining TNA.  On the other hand how did this play into the AJ/Daniels feud again?  I assume AJ and Daniels will continue to feud anyway since that now seems like the norm now for these two.  Still this was the best match of the show.

Knockouts Title Match - Tara VS Tessmacher

For the knockouts division this was an ok match overall which see's Tara winning and becoming the new knockouts champion.  The match was faster paced and more entertaining than the X division match putting the match to shame.  There isn't really much to pick with this match, they run a somewhat forgettable match.  The real interest is when Tara thanks her new boyfriend and then introduces him.  Some big brother contestant turned OVW wrestler named Jessie Godderz arrives who immediately gets a "who are you" chant from the crowd.  Expect him to be around for about a month before TNA drop his ass.

Tag Match - Sting & Bully Ray VS Aces & Eights

The aces star the match by bringing Joseph Parks down to the ring and then handcuff him to the railing.  I have no idea why they do this since the match has nothing to do with freeing Parks.  In fact Hogan and Sting seemed pretty uninterested in rescuing him after they met the leader of the aces (Eric Bischoff).  This is the third match of the night that had a no DQ rule and yet they still wrestled with normal tag rules.  Why didn't the Aces just rush the ring and win that way?  During the match Parks escapes his handcuffs and beats the shit out of a random aces member who interferes in the match.  After this things breakdown into another chaotic brawl that sees the aces win via superior numbers.  As they then beatdown Bully and Sting Hogan arrives and then turret punches the oncoming aces.  It's pretty awful to watch as each aces member runs up to Hogan one after the other to be knocked out with a single punch. 
Does anyone seriously want to see this?

The twist of this whole match is that Bully ray is actually a face and that Devon (recently resigned) is a member of the aces and apparently was from the start, although this was clearly a retcon of the story.  So as expected the aces now have free reign of the impact zone which isn't that different from before really.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match - Jeff Hardy VS Austin Aries

This being the main event it got the biggest pop from the crowd.  They really are fired up for this match as they are clearly split between both men.  Hardy gets regular boo's from a largely pro Aries crowd.  The match is probably the second best of the night but once again suffers from TNA and its neon obvious writing.  Hardy is clearly going to win after the sudden heel turn and CM Punk'ing of Aries character and also because Hardy has been considering leaving TNA for a final run with WWE before retiring.  So to keep him sweet and sign a new contract they slap the title on him.  So yes Hardy wins after a long match that see's both men hitting multiple finishers and several near falls.

Overall this show wasn't all that memorable for the so called "biggest pay per view of the year" and in fact was no more impressive than the average TNA pay per view.  I wouldn't say it was bad but really not worth the hype.


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