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TNA Review 7th October 2012

TNA - Making root canal treatment seem pleasurable by comparison

This episode starts with some rip roaring action in Hogan's office as he and Sting discuss who will be in the big match at Bound for glory.  Of course the 50+ year old Sting has been picked because his age must give him an advantage somehow, but now they need to pick a partner for him since Hogan isn't allowed to wrestle the main event.  We are told they are making their decision tonight and they will be watching everybody.  Sting also mentions that everyone in the locker room has been asking to partner with him, which is funny because I doubt guys like Robbie E, Bobby Roooo, Kid Kash and the like have been desperate to fight the aces and eights.

Singles Match - Mr.Anderson VS Gunner w/Kid Kash

This was the only pic of the match...seriously
At least the show has some wrestling earlier rather than later for a change.  Anderson wants Sting to watch since he wants the tag spot more than anyone in the company.  Sadly the match is short and pretty boring.  Gunner has no fucking character or personality so it's hard to even dislike him as a heel and Anderson has a mixed bag of results depending on who he is wrestling.  After Anderson wins via the Mic check, Kid Kash attempts a beatdown only to get his ass kicked by Anderson also.  The crowd seemed to like it but the match was pretty crap overall.

Backstage Tara is talking to her new boyfriend, the "Hollywood star" before being bollocked by Gail Kim for talking crap on the phone and not taking her match seriously.  This new boyfriend story arc will like all TNA plotlines go nowhere.  They will drag it out for months until even the hardcore fans start to hate it and when they do finally reveal this guy no one will care.  TNA take far too long on their story arcs and ruin any build they had from the start by draining it of all interest over months of pointless teasing and vague references.  Apparently Tara and Gail are tagging tonight so Gail wants her focused on the match.

Knockouts Tag Match - Gail Kim & Tara VS ODB & Miss Tessmacher

This match is upto the usual knockout standard, a little botchy but not tragically awful.  Tara wins the match after she pushes Gail into Tessmacher so she can hit the Widow's Peak.  ODB was missing Eric Young tonight so the match was pretty dull, but did feature a lot of crotch and arse being rubbed in faces.  I guess it at least entertained the rednecks in the audience.

Backstage again now as we see Prichard giving shit to Al Snow again about this Joey Ryan situation.  It seems Snow has a solution to the problem and intends to reveal it next.  I love how Prichard is acting like the boss even though he is simply in charge of talent relations.

Ryan plays a decent irriatating heel
So Al snow hits the ring and makes a little speech about how big a mistake he made in hitting Joey Ryan a few weeks back and wants to apologise to him in person for his actions.  Joey Ryan appears and acts like an arrogant cock to Al, which is good since he is already over as a heel without being on impact regularly.  He forces Snow to apologise a few times before he accepts.  Snow produces a contract which Ryan signs without looking at.  Snow then reveals that the contract is a temporary one match contract for a match between himself and Al Snow at bound for glory.  Now as a story this is better than most currently running in TNA.  Again it took months before anything fucking happened but at least its a simple plot between two wrestlers.  My only gripe is that its TNA yet again giving an old guy a match at their biggest pay per view of the year.  Why couldn't Joey have been setup by Snow to fight a young guy from the roster instead?  Would it have made that much of a difference if Snow had been in the guys corner instead in the ring.  I liked Al Snow when he joined WWE but that was a long time ago now and I don't want to see an aged Al Snow shuffling around the TNA ring fighting a throwaway match against a new guy.

Backstage again this time with Angle trying to convince Sting to choose him as his partner for the big match at bound for glory.  Even though Angle would be pulling double duty he is sure he would win for TNA.  Sting isn't so sure and tells him he will consider his offer.  Weird things happen during this segment.  We keep cutting to Kaz and Daniels standing just off to Sting's right side, giggling like school girls.  How Sting or Angle missed them is a mystery because they were practically on top of them, they were that close.  After Angle leaves, Bully ray approaches Sting and demands the spot against the aces.  He wants revenge for losing his title shot.  Sting is willing to consider Bully as a partner but he wants "A bully" for a tag partner, so tells him to prove himself tonight.

Television Title Match - RVD VS Samoa Joe

Come give Samoa Joe a hug
So the TV title is once again being defended every week until creative forget about it again like they did with Devon.  This match is pretty decent, but the winner is obvious from the start.  Joe beats RVD with the muscle buster.  The crowd was pretty quiet throughout this match for some reason.  I am starting to think the crowd aren't here for the wrestling, but for the endless talking.

In the loading dock we see Aries and Hardy kiss and makeup before Bully turns up to challenge Hardy to a fight.  Aries is offended that Bully chose the #1 contender and not the champion as his opponent so Hardy suggests a triple threat.  Bully is happy with that and leaves to prepare for the match.  For some reason Aries is pissed with Hardy for setting this up, even though Hardy gave Aries what he wanted.  Not only does Aries get to fight Bully but he also gets to fight Hardy so whats the problem?

Singles Match - Chavo Guerrero w/Hernandez VS Kurt Angle w/AJ Styles

Hooray for our cheating good guys?
This was another decent match that the crowd was a little more interested at least.  Angle loses to a small package after being distracted by Hernandez.  So Chavo and Hernandez use heel tactics to win matches now?  The interference causes an argument between the two teams until Kaz and Daniels come down to egg them on.  problem with this approach is that it causes the other teams to turn on them instead.  If they had stayed backstage then they may have attacked each other instead.

Singles Match - Douglas Williams VS Zema Ion

Doug gets squashed in under a minute by the smaller, weaker Ion with a submission move. The ref reverses the decision when Ion refuses to release the hold.  Post math Ion tells Sting he doesn't want anything to do with the aces and eights match so they can count him out.  I am still not sure what they are going to do with Ion since his entire character is now based around an accidental injury he caused on a guy who may or may not return next year.  Until then they have to keep having him win matches and getting DQ'd until Jesse Sorenson can come back.  Problem with this approach is that if Jesse doesn't come back then it becomes a gigantic waste of time, like all TNA creative decisions.

Backstage with prichard again as he is now chewing out D'Lo Brown for letting Matt Morgan into the arena to attack a referee.  Problem here is that the attack occured at a house show so we didn't see it on Impact.  Morgan has yet to appear on TV since he left earlier this year and how is it suddenly D'Lo's fault?  Apparently it is and now he has to find out how he got into the building.  This was a pretty pointless segment, since it would have been better if Morgan had actually turned up on impact instead to attack a ref so fans knew what the fuck they are talking about.

Yeah "King Mo" Looks like a twat
We now reach the mandatory Storm and Rooo bitching session of the show.  Storm is first to start bitching about Rooo being a coward and something about King Mo.  Rooo eventually turns up and repeats the same crap about Storm he has been spouting for about a year now, maybe more.  Shit like "I carried this team" blah blah blah.  Rooo then threatens King Mo with a beatdown if he shows his face.  Cue the arrival of Mo wearing a massive and ridiculous looking chain, a fake crown and a robe.  He looks like a right tit to say the least.  Rooo gets pushed by Mo and cowers before running off, while Mo heads to the ring to have a beer with Storm.  I expect Mo to turn traitor and help Roo during his match at bound for glory.

Triple Threat Match - Austin Aries VS Bully Ray VS Jeff Hardy

This was a pretty mediocre match that was only there to fill time for the big plot development of the night.  All three guys do an ok job, but its nothing brilliant.  Bully ray wins after a pretty confused finish which sees Bully using the title belt to hit Hardy, in plain view of the ref.  Bully is just standing there waiting for one of the two to look at him so he can hit them, but its several seconds before this happens so he looks like a tool just standing there.  Aries is pissed again with Hardy claiming he would have won and the crowd chant for Hardy and boo Aries.  I guess Aries is in for a heel run again at this rate.

So the finale of the show sees both Hogan and Sting coming down to the ring to announce who they have picked to tag with Sting.  They reveal it to be Mr.Anderson and I shit you not, the aces and eights have already beaten him to a pulp.  How the fuck did they find out and get to him so fast?  The last time we saw them during the show they were attaching electrical clamps to Joseph Parks nipples, now they can fucking teleport?  This causes Bully to run back down to demand he be given the spot instead.  Hogan is unsure but eventually agrees and we have our tag team.

Of course Bully Ray is going to betray TNA and join the aces and eights.  A few reasons why.
  • The group is led by Eric Bischoff who Bully ray is loyal to
  • Aces and eights need to win to keep the story going and since Eric is the leader he will demand screen time.
  • The aces have Parks as a hostage whom Bully was feuding with and likely still hates.  Also it was Bully a few weeks back who was asking what information Parks had dug up on the aces.
The show was mediocre overall.  It scored a low rating though, apparently one of the lowest of the year.  The wrestling itself isn't all that bad, in fact its the strongest point of the company.  They have some great talent, but sadly they focus too heavily on aping WWE and promoting old guys, instead of pushing young or original TNA talent.  They also have terrible writers who make decent story ideas drag out into torturous affairs where the payoff in the end isn't worth the time they took to build to its conclusion.


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