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TNA Review 21st October 2012

TNA - Making the Katie Vick angle look well written and entertaining

So here we are post Bound for glory and I have had some time to reflect on the so called "biggest pay per view of the year".  Now TNA have always done one thing pretty well and that is wrestling.  When they bother to shut up talking and putting Hogan and Sting over, the majority of the wrestling on the program is good.  They have some great talent in guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Magnus, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and more.  TNA Have a pretty poor track record of using these guys well, usually happy to put them in tortuously long feuds that end up going nowhere and because they take so long to complete people have lost interest. 

Bound for glory overall was a decent show for wrestling, but failed to deliver any of those conclusions to these long feuds.  AJ styles is still feuding with Christopher Daniels, despite neither man needing to feud anymore since there is nothing left to fight over.  James Storm and Bobby Roooo continue to hate each other even after their match and of course the aces and eights story still trundles on with little sign of ever developing into anything worth a damn.

Now bound for glory ended with the aces and eights winning their match to become new members of the TNA roster....I think.  What I do know is that they now have access to the backstage area and to show this they drive their motorcycles into the impact zone.  Not like this makes any difference because they have been doing that now for weeks and security have never batted an eyelid, except now security try to stop them only to be told they are allowed to be there.  The aces make their way to the ring before they call out their newest member Devon. 

Seriously his jacket says Sgt. at arms
Well first they roll a video package of the aces leader thanking Devon for helping them win their match and then he comes out.  Devon then begins to explain that apparently the aces had his back day one, despite the fact that Devon and Garrett attacked them on several occasions and that he joined them because for a few reasons.  These basically boil down to him still resenting Bully Ray for breaking up team 3D and putting his son through a table.  He also seems vaguely frustrated with management although this isn't really explained.  Sting and Bully then arrive with some of the locker room and a brawl breaks out.

Personally these large brawls are some of the best fights I have seen in TNA.  It really puts WWE's royal rumble to shame when you can have so many guys beating the crap out of each other, but they always go for spots and ring clearing gimmicks like Kane or Big Show, no I want to see a brawl and that is what TNA have done here a few times now and it rocks.  Sadly the brawl breaks up as Hogan makes his way to ring with a bat.  He informs the aces that now they are in the impact zone legally they are subject to TNA rules.  I'm not sure how that works since they only won a match to allow them access to the impact zone, not join the roster.  Hogan sets a main event match between Devon and......Sting?!

Yes Sting once again gets main event booking which even the crowd are confused by.  A "we want Bully" chant starts and even Bully Ray is giving shit to Hogan for not picking him.  So yes we have to suffer the Stinger again.  I know he is popular and all but Jesus Christ Sting step aside and let some of the younger talent have a go at being famous, because I bet you he wanted the old guys to move aside for him when he was younger.  Problem is that as long as Hogan and Bischoff have creative control, Sting will be wrestling until he is fucking 90 or they die of old age.

After some adverts we run to Hogan's office where he awards Mr. Anderson a spot in the running to become the new TNA champion at "Championship Thursday" which is nothing like WWE's "Main Event" program.  Joseph Parks walks in and Hogan throws everyone out so he can hear what Parks has to say.  This must be great for Chris Parks since he doesn't have to wrestle and gets paid, guess he is living the Hogan wrestling lifestyle.  I bet everyone now that Hogan will not reveal any of this information for weeks even though there is no plausible reason to keep it confidential.

Television Title Match - Robbie E w/Robbie T VS Samoa Joe

Jessie Godderz - the future of TNA?
This was basically a squash match that saw Joe completely annihilate the two Robbies.  Robbie E got virtually no offence in even having Joe no sell his strikes and chops as if he was a child attacking an adult.  Robbie gets hit by the muscle buster and then submitted.  Post match Robbie T attempts a cheap shot only to get laid out by Joe also.  I didn't really see the point of this to be honest.  We all know Joe is a bad ass and he is tough to beat, so why did he have to squash an established member of the roster who had recently beaten AJ styles in the bound for glory series?

Prior to our mandatory knockouts match we see Tara being bench pressed by her new boyfriend and OVW graduate Jessie Godderz.  They act like Hollywood style arseholes to the photographer before having a really cringey kissing scene.

Knockouts Singles Match - Tara VS ODB

This match was ok it was simply there to be honest.  ODB was talking to Eric Young on the phone during the match since he is off filming his fishing show again.  Tara eventually loses when she spends more time fondling her boyfriend instead of wrestling allowing ODB to pick up the W.  The best part of this match was the dead crowd, at one point when the commentary stops you can hear the air conditioning running while they wrestle.  I have never heard that before in a televised wrestling show.

Tag Match - Gunner & Kid Kash VS Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero

Hello my name is Hernandez I will be botching tonight
Like Joe and Robbie E this match was simply there to put over the new champs.  Kash and Gunner get very little to do other than take bumps.  Hernandez continues to drop people with little care for their well being and just dangerous overall, while Chavo is just happy to not be jobbing to a midget.

Back in Hogans office Parks has now finished relaying his information to Hogan apparently and now wants to face a member of the aces and eights.  Hogan is unsure of this idea but before he can make a decision either way Bully ray comes in and demands Sting be replaced by him in the main event.  I am all for this because it makes sense logically and would probably make a good feud between the aces and TNA.  Hogan again shoots Bully down and Bully rightly states that Hogan had better start trusting him.

Back ringside Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring debuting his new title.  It looks as bad as the last one and now I wonder if TNA will be giving everyone personalised belts when they win these days?  Really the belt looks like shit and Hardy parades it around as if he is holding a piece of lost art from the biblical days.  He proceeds to run a half drugged promo about being the champion and how everyone in the arena was to be thanked for helping him get to the top once again, even though most of the people in the impact zone probably didn't go to the bound for glory broadcast anyway.  Austin Aries shows up with balloons and cookies.  He pretends to congratulate Hardy before basically saying he will take that belt back when the time is right.  Hardy responds to this by saying "look at the face of the man you can't beat" which is a little weird if I am being honest.  The segment ends with Hardy trying to hit Aries with the twist of fate before Aries escapes.

Today Austin Aries was attacked by an alternative drag queen today...
Seriously the amount of attention this company pays to Jeff Hardy is laughable.  The guy is clearly obsessed with himself just look at his website, youtube videos, entrance theme and now belt.  He is apparently very isolated backstage because he doesn't talk to people very much and if WWE told him that next year they would sign him to a top contract with a guaranteed title victory he would sign in a heartbeat, because he knows for a fact that WWE is where he will make more money, have more fans and end his career on a high, no pun intended.  TNA are very naive to think that giving Hardy a fake wrestling title will placate a man with his ego, Hardy only looks out for Hardy yet TNA seem to think he is loyal even though he has been with TNA before and resigned with WWE in the past.

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match - AJ Styles VS Kurt Angle VS Christopher Daniels

Good match here, probably the best of the night.  All three guys know how to work a match with each other and everyone gets a good spotlight to go over in the match.  The crowd love it.  Angle wins in the end which pisses off AJ who refuses to shake his hand after the match and leave the arena.  I assume this will lead to some AJ vs Kurt feud where AJ turns heel and joins up with Daniels or something to ruin his day.  It's not like they have anything better to do with AJ at the moment is it?

Angle tries to explain that his twitter was hacked twice during the match
Backstage Joey Ryan introduces himself to Hogan who seems quite happy to have him aboard which is odd considering how he got his job at the impact zone.  I would have thought that harassing employee's, assaulting them and sneaking into the impact zone with a megaphone would piss Hogan off but he seems pretty hunky dorey with this.  Hogan does ask Matt Morgan why he has been kicking peoples heads off the last few weeks.  Morgan responds that he is pissed with Hogan not living upto his word and giving Morgan the push he was promised.  Hogan shoots on Morgan (clearly confusing kayfabe with reality here) saying that he always stuck up for Morgan even when he dropped the ball during promo's and the like.  Morgan threatens Hogan with a beating which Hogan laughs off before walking away.

Now here is another situation where the older guy and I mean OLD here just shits on the younger talent.  True Morgan might not be the best on the mic or whatever but really Hogan you're going to shit on Matt Morgan?  And this isn't the first time since he screwed Bobby Rooo out of his title victory at bound for glory, ripped AJ Styles for attending his fathers funeral and crapped on the Dudleys for how many title belts they have won.  It just seems like Hogan genuinely thinks that the entire roster are weak compared to him and that he somehow draws more than anyone else in the world when it comes to pro wrestling.

Storm and Bobby Rooo continue their feud even though there is logical reason to continue it now after Storm finally won.  TNA being TNA here and really they need to come up with a good reason for these two to fight each other again or else it will get old pretty fast.  Even the crowd during this segment seem a little underwhelmed when Storm superkicks Rooo, getting nothing more than a muted "yay" before the segment ends.

Singles Match - Sting VS Devon
"Bubba get the contracts!"

This was a pretty mediocre match that like the knockouts match earlier was simply there.  The match doesn't really end as the aces attack in force when Devon is put into the scorpion deathlock.  Great way to put over the new heel by having get his arse whupped by a 53 year old man who thinks he's the crow.  The aces pummel Sting until the TNA locker room charge down and end the show with another massive brawl which makes up for the bland match.


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