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TNA Review 14th October 2012

TNA - It makes prison rape look fun and exciting

Yeah so this week TNA failed to upload any images from this impact episode which really isn't a surprise considering they have difficulty sticking to regular plans such as having the TV title be defended every week, allowing fans to vote on who should get a title shot each week, having wrestling each week.  Its a minor annoyance granted, but this post is going to look a little sparse.  The only upside is that they will have pictures of Bound for glory which is broadcast in the UK on Wednesday's.  Yeah challenge TV doesn't have the ability to show TNA pay per views on the same night in the UK, but on the upside I don't have to pay for them, not that I would.

Singles Match - James Storm VS Austin Aries

So we kick off the night with a match which I have to say is a nice change from the usual talking both shows do these days.  People want to see some wrestling before we hear lips flapping so this is a + in my book.  Since we have Aries and Storm the match is pretty good.  Both guys go over and Aries is pretty much full heel by now without the eye gouging and ref distractions.  The match ends with Aries winning after Bobby Rooo attacks Storm outside the ring.  Aries takes the advantage further advancing his heel turn.

Back in the locker room AJ is pissed with Angle for wanting to be Stings tag partner against the aces and eights.  AJ accuses him of being more focused on that match than their tag title fight at bound for glory.  I guess they are setting up for a feud between AJ and Kurt.  Kurt has had very little input in this feud with Daniels and Kazarian, either because he is being punished for acting a dick on twitter about wanting to be the main event every show, or that he is still too injured to compete in any match worth a damn so they just stuck him with AJ instead of giving him time off to heal.

Sting and Hogan hit the ring next and the audience cheers for this shit.  Why does anyone in the impact zone want to see two guys who are so far over the hill they decided to keep going into the ground afterwards.  The fact that Sting is involved in this aces and eights match is a joke.  Why would you deploy the 50+ year old wrestler who still thinks he is the crow and not a younger more capable wrestler?  Oh yeah because he is friends with Hogan and Bischoff and he doesn't give a fuck about taking the spotlight from younger talent.  The two ageing wrestlers run a tepid promo about the bound for glory match which garners little response before they are interrupted by Kaz & Daniels.  At first they sound like they want to face the aces and eights, but then quickly turn it into a reason why Angle should be given Bully ray's spot as a tag partner.  Hogan begins to consider this despite the fact he is already in a fucking match at bound for glory.  Bully Ray then comes down to threaten the aces and wants a match against Kaz & Daniels with Sting.  Hogan agrees and we have a new match set.

What I don't get about this is what Daniels hoped to get out of this?  If Hogan says yes then great Kurt Angle is no longer in the tag match, but that just means AJ will get a new tag partner anyway.  Also it's not like they have to fear Angle.  They have beaten him multiple times now so why is this any different?

Singles Match - AJ Styles VS Hernandez

This match I assume was put together because of Hernandez' interference last week in the Chavo/Kurt match.  Anyway it is shit.  Hernandez cannot wrestle worth a damn, AJ carries the entire match, which is the only reason this is barely watchable.  The finish is pathetic.  AJ does some awesome moves, but he loses when Hernandez pushes him.  Seriously he dodges a jumping clothesline then as AJ comes back off the ropes to hit him he just pushes him.  This mighty push is enough to beat AJ clean.  TNA keeps shitting on AJ and I am mystified as to why he sticks around.

We see a pretaped aces segment next with the xenomorph mask guy calling Parks a "young lad"....OK.  He asks Hogan if he locked them in, or out and mentions how he will find out tonight.  Just in case I forget, it seems that yes he has locked them out because they never show up tonight.

Zema Ion heads to the ring next looking like more of a prick than usual.  He bitches about respect or something I stopped listening after he started speaking.  Eventually RVD comes out and tells Zema he has a match with him at Bound for glory for the X division title.  He then kicks Zema in the face.  Here is another shining example of TNA not being able to build a match and adding matches a few days before a major pay per view.  Why would you care about a match if the build was "I have a match now, I choose you as my opponent".  I don't like Zema Ion but they could have at least attempted some kind of build here even if only a week before instead of three days.  This is made worse because it isn't some grudge match, no its for a fucking major title in the company.

Back in Hogans office now as we see the Hulkster and Sting discuss Bully Ray as a tag partner.  Hogan is still unsure about Bully while Sting claims they need his killer instinct for a match like this.  Bully once again barges into the office to state his case and Hogan once again wants assurances from Bully and Sting before going ahead, although it is a little late now since the pay per view is in three days.

Tag Match - Bully Ray & Sting VS Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

This match is simply there to get Bully ray over as a face.  He gets the crowd to chant for Sting, and generally kicks ass the entire match.  Sting acts as the baby face in distress as Bully desperately reaches for the tag.  Kaz and Daniels generally get seven shades of shit beaten out of them when Bully is in the ring, but manage to get some offence in on Sting.  Still the match ends with Sting and Ray winning after Bully puts Daniels through a table.  So TNA bury their tag champions just days before their biggest pay per view of the year, and we are supposed to think Kazarian and Chris Daniels are a threat?

Knockouts Singles Match - Gail Kim VS Tessmacher

Gail continues to job to Tessmacher in a bland and uninteresting match.  The "highlight" being the post match attack by Tara.  Honestly does anyone care about this angle?  Tara has a Hollywood boyfriend, Tess is practically a mute on camera and the heel who previously dominated the knockouts division is now jobbing for no reason.  Don't expect this boyfriend to ever do anything on TNA if he even turns up.  Knowing TNA it is either A) Another reality TV star who will make one appearance, be paid a shitload of money and then never be seen again or B) Creative will drop the story and Tara will vanish for a week or two before coming back as a face for no reason. 

In the locker room Storm confronts Rooo over his interference at the beginning of the show.  Rooo tries to leave and gets shoved into a locker before a fight breaks out.  King Mo breaks this up, mercifully he isn't wearing the plastic crown and gold chain from last week. 

Singles Match - Bobby Rooo VS Jeff Hardy

This match was OK.  Hardy is put over massively here so he looks like a clear winner for the title match.  Rooo continues to look like a bitch as he consistently fails to defeat Hardy.  The match ends with a bullshit DQ finish after Rooo in desperation low blows Hardy in front of the ref.  He goes to hit Hardy with a chair but the ref takes it off him in a rare instance of TNA officials actually having power.  Hardy hits Rooo with the Twist of fate.

Post match Aries hits the ring to run a major ripoff of CM Punk.  He bitches about respect, does a worked shoot on Hardy and then demands he leave the ring so he can bask in his glory.  As Hardy leaves the ring, Aries attacks him and solidifies his heel status, as if anyone cared.


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