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Star Wars X-Wing Character and Ship Guide - TIE Advanced

Today we hit the final part of my character and ship guide for X-Wing and this time it's the dreaded TIE Advanced.  Fortunately for the Rebel alliance these fighters are few and far between, but when a squadron does appear it is usually better to retreat than fight, after all you cannot liberate a galaxy if you're dead.

This final part (until the wave 2 expansion) deals with the most advanced fighter in the game, mixing both the TIE fighters nimbleness with the X-Wings durability.  The advanced was built in response to the new rebel fighters which had made a major improvement over previous fighters such as the Z-95 Headhunter and R-41 Starchaser, both of which had been made partially obsolete compared to the empires fighters.  The TIE advanced was in it's prototype stage by the time of the battle of Yavin with the only working example being Darth Vader's X1.  This fighter is equipped with shields and a hyperdrive unit along with missile tubes and laser cannons.

In combat the fighter is a little less maneuverable than it's TIE counterpart but is faster in a straight line than the X-Wing and just as capable in a turn.  In essence it is the counterpart to the X-Wing until the cheaper and more easily produced TIE Interceptor is introduced.

Faction: The Galactic Empire
Ship: TIE Advanced
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 2
Agility: 3
Hull: 3
Shields: 2

Unlike the TIE fighter the Advanced at a minimum costs 21 points, so fielding a squadron of these become expensive for a 100 point game.  If using the cheapest unit you will only be able to field 4 which is a decent number to go up against a rebel squadron, but you will be at a disadvantage against better rebel pilots such as Wedge or Luke.  The TIE Advanced is a much better fighter to complement a force of TIE fighters or as part of a mixed force, still it's stats allow it to take several hits before being destroyed.

All TIE Advanced fighters are capable of using the (Evade) (Focus) (Target Lock) and (Barrel Roll) abilities.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards:

Darth Vader
Maarek Stele
Storm Squadron Pilot
Tempest Squadron Pilot

Equipment Cards:

Concussion Missiles
Cluster Missiles
Squad Leader
Swarm Tactics
Expert Handling

Below is a list of all TIE Advanced pilots in order of skill ascending, along with points costs and abilities.

Even low skilled pilots are tough opponents
Name: Tempest Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 2
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Weapon Slot
Squad Cost: 21

Name: Storm Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 4
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Weapon Slot
Squad Cost: 23

Name: Maarek Stele
Skill Value: 7
Pilot Ability: When your attack deals a faceup damage card to the defender, instead draw 3 cards, choose 1 to deal, and discard the others.
Upgrades: Weapon Slot, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 27

Name: Darth Vader
Skill Value: 9
Pilot Ability: During your "perform action" step, you may perform 2 actions.
Upgrades: Weapon Slot, Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 29
A nice cameo from TIE fighter on PC

As you can see even the pilots of Tempest squadron seem only to be on par with Rookie X-Wing pilots which seems a little odd, but again they equal their opponents easily.  Darth Vader's ability to perform 2 actions make him extremely difficult to take down if he uses both focus and evade actions.  Focus and Target Lock can make him deadly when attacking and his skill of 9 makes him an equal of Wedge.  Maarek Stele is a rebel pilots nightmare when scoring a critical hit.  Still the non named pilots make a crucial impact on the imperial players strategy and evolving gameplay tactics.

Weapon Slots ÷

Name: Cluster Missiles
Ability: Attack (Target Lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack twice.
Cost: 4

Name: Concussion Missiles
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack (Target Lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack.  You may change 1 of your blank results to a (Hit) result.
Cost: 4

The TIE advanced brings a unique weapon to the field in the form of missiles.  Both types can only be used by the Advanced unfortunately.  Still these weapons give the imperial player that much needed punch to knock out those rebel shields quickly for the rest of the squadron to pick them off.

Pilot Upgrades ÷

Name: Marksmanship
Ability: Action - When attacking this round you may change 1 of (Focus) results to a (Critical hit) result and all of your other (Focus) results to (Hit) results.
Cost: 3

Name: Swarm Tactics
Ability: At the start of the combat phase, choose 1 friendly ship at Range 1.  Until the end of this phase, treat the chosen ship as if it's pilot skill were equal to your pilot skill.
Cost: 2

Name: Expert Handling
Ability: Action - Perform a barrel roll.  If you do not have the barrel rolls action icon, receive 1 stress token.  You may then remove 1 enemy target lock from your ship.
Cost: 2

Name: Squad Leader
Ability: Action - Choose 1 ship at Range 1-2 that has a lower pilot skill than you.  The chosen ship may immediately perform 1 free action.
Cost: 2
Name: Determination
Ability: When you are dealt a faceup damage card with the Pilot trait, discard it immediately without resolving its effect.
Cost: 1

Well that's it for now on my ship and character guide.  I will be adding the A-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Slave I and Millennium Falcon later in the year or early next when they are available in the UK.  Until then I will be working on posting some battle reports and possibly a few scenarios for players.

Until then thank you for reading and have a blast playing X-Wing.


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