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Star Wars X-Wing Character and Ship Guide - TIE fighter

Part three of my X-Wing guide on ships and characters now goes to the dark side as we list the forces of the Empire.  At the moment the fleet consists of the innumerable TIE fighter and the elite, but few TIE Advanced.

This part will deal with the nimble yet fragile TIE fighter.  Built in huge numbers as a cheap yet effective space superiority fighter.  By the time of galactic civil war most fighters are outclassed by the TIE barring the X-Wing which was one of the first ships to challenge it and have the advantage.  The average TIE fighter has very little to compare it to the X-Wing or even the Y-Wing at this point.  It has no shields, hyperdrive or life support.  It has only the 2 cannons and no explosives capability, this fighter is built to swarm targets and bring them down with massed firepower.

This isn't to say the TIE fighter isn't a good ship.  It can out turn the X-Wing to avoid being tailed, is far quicker and cheaper to produce.  A skilled pilot can easily match a rebel pilot in a one on one dogfight while an elite pilot can challenge several fighters at once.

Faction: The Galactic Empire
Ship: TIE/in
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 2
Agility: 3
Hull: 3
Shields: 0

The TIE fighter is cheap and effective.  Rebel players will only be able to field 4 possibly 5 fighters in a 100 point game, while the imperial player can afford to field 8 if just using academy pilots.  Numerical superiority is the key for the imperial player at the moment until the TIE interceptor becomes available later in the year.  TIE's can be frustrating targets also since despite their lack of shields they have good agility coupled with the ability to evade a single hit every round (unless stressed).  Rebel players need to concentrate on using (target lock) or (Focus) to keep getting the hits in.  The TIE fighter's only let down is it's relative lack of firepower which prevents it from doing enough damage to drop shields quickly.  This is why numbers are key for imperial victories in larger point games.

All TIE fighter's are capable of using the (Evade) (Focus) and (Barrel Roll) abilities.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards:

Winged Gundark
Black Squadron pilot
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Academy Pilot

Equipment Card:

Swarm Tactics

Below is a list of all TIE fighter pilots in order of skill ascending, along with points cost and abilities.

Name: Academy Pilot
Skill Value: 1
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 12

Name: Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 3
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 13

Name: Black Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 4
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 14

Name: Winged Gundark
Skill Value: 5
Pilot Ability: When attacking at Range 1, you may change 1 of your (Hit) results to a (Critical Hit) result.
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 15

Name: Night Beast
Skill Value: 5
Pilot Ability: After executing a green maneuver, you may perform a free (Focus) action.
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 15

Name: Dark Curse
Skill Value: 6
Pilot Ability: When defending, ships attacking you cannot spend (Focus) tokens or reroll attack dice.
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 16

Name: Backstabber
Skill Value: 6
Pilot Ability: When attacking from outside the defender's firing arc, roll 1 additional attack die.
Upgrades: N/A
Squad Cost: 16

Name: Mauler Mithel
Skill Value: 7
Pilot Ability: When attacking at Range 1, roll 1 additional attack die.
Upgrades: Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 17

Name: Howlrunner
Skill Value: 8
Pilot Ability: When another friendly ship at Range 1 is attacking with its primary weapon, it may reroll 1 attack die.
Upgrades: Pilot Upgrade
Squad Cost: 18

TIE fighters are pretty cheap by comparison but unlike the rebels are pretty restricted when it comes to using upgrades.  Without the ability to load missiles or torpedoes or mount any astromech droids they can be at a serious disadvantage in longer fights where the upgrades can really make a difference.  Still the named imperial pilots can be a great help when swarming targets like backstabber and dark curse.

It remains to be seen how effective a combination the TIE/in and TIE Interceptor will be together as a unit.  It may relegate the TIE to the second line attack unit while the Interceptor takes on the X-Wings.  I imagine the TIE fighter will still be useful though, even if only to make up the numbers or to hunt down slower targets like Y-Wings and B-Wings.

Pilot Upgrades ÷

Name: Marksmanship
Ability: Action - When attacking this round you may change 1 of (Focus) results to a (Critical hit) result and all of your other (Focus) results to (Hit) results.
Cost: 3

Name: Swarm Tactics
Ability: At the start of the combat phase, choose 1 friendly ship at Range 1.  Until the end of this phase, treat the chosen ship as if it's pilot skill were equal to your pilot skill.
Cost: 2

Name: Expert Handling
Ability: Action - Perform a barrel roll.  If you do not have the barrel rolls action icon, receive 1 stress token.  You may then remove 1 enemy target lock from your ship.
Cost: 2

Name: Squad Leader
Ability: Action - Choose 1 ship at Range 1-2 that has a lower pilot skill than you.  The chosen ship may immediately perform 1 free action.
Cost: 2

Name: Determination
Ability: When you are dealt a faceup damage card with the Pilot trait, discard it immediately without resolving its effect.
Cost: 1

Well that's the TIE fighter covered.  Tomorrow I will be posting up the stats and abilities of the dreaded TIE Advanced and it's skilled pilots.  Thanks for reading.


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