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Star Wars X-Wing Character and ship guide - Y-Wing

Part 2 of my X-Wing character and ship guide focuses on the Rebellions other major fighter the Y-Wing.  Yes this sturdy and also very iconic workhorse of the Rebel alliance may be a little a outdated when compared to the Empires mass produced fighter forces, but nothing beats the solid reliability of this awesome fighter bomber.

Faction: Rebel Alliance
Ship: BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 2
Agility: 1
Hull: 5
Shields: 3

The Y-wing could be described as a tank in X-Wing.  The ship can take huge amounts of damage before going down with its 3 shields and 5 hull giving it a maximum of 8 damage before being destroyed.  It is comparatively weaker than the X-Wing and in most straight up fights it will lose a dogfight with the nimble TIE fighter.  The main reason to bring a Y-Wing to the party is the weapons.  Although 2 damage is nothing to sniff at when TIE's only have 3 hull themselves, the Y-Wing can deploy numerous subweapons such as the Ion cannon, proton torpedoes and advanced Proton Torpedoes.  Unlike the X-Wing the Y-Wing can mount 2 weapons as upgrades allowing it to have massive damage potential.

They aren't the fastest or most maneuverable ship, so they need close support of X-Wing or the soon to be released A-Wing to function well in a squadron as a canny Imperial player can easily position TIE fighters behind these slow moving ships.

All Y-Wing's are capable of using the (Focus) and (Target Lock) abilities.

Expansion Content List:

Pilot Cards:

Horton Salm
"Dutch" Vander
Gray Squadron Pilot
Gold Squadron Pilot

Equipment Cards:

Proton Torpedoes (2)
Ion Cannon Turret
R2 Astromech

Below is the list of Y-Wing pilots in ascending order of skill along with points cost and pilot abilities.

Name: Gold Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 2
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Astromech Droid, Weapon Slot x2, Ion Cannon
Squad Cost: 18

Name: Gray Squadron Pilot
Skill Value: 4
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Astromech Droid, Weapon Slot x2, Ion Cannon
Squad Cost: 20

Name: "Duth" Vander
Skill Value: 6
Pilot Ability: After acquiring a target lock, choose another friendly ship at Range 1-2.  The chosen ship may immediately acquire a target lock.
Upgrades: Astromech Droid, Weapon Slot x2, Ion Cannon
Squad Cost: 23

Name: Horton Salm
Skill Value: 8
Pilot Ability: When attacking at Range 2-3, you may reroll any of your blank results.
Upgrades: Astromech Droid, Weapon Slot x2, Ion Cannon
Squad Cost: 25

Like the X-Wing these ships can become expensive fast.  Although they are a little cheaper compared to pilots like Luke and Wedge the real cost comes when you start adding weapons to these ships.  Since a Y-Wing can essentially pack 2 missle payloads and the Ion cannon these fighters can start to add up.  Horton Salm can be a deadly pilot if allowed to get a few shots off while Dutch can support friendlies by giving them target locks on the same fighter.

If you are building a 100 point squad there is no reason why you shouldn't bring along Horton Salm since he is very skilled and has a much higher chance to hit compared to his fellow Y-Wing pilots.  But if you want a more swarm like approach you could go for multiple Gold squadron Y-Wing's to maximise firepower across the board, giving you 5 Y-Wing's with points to spare for a few droids or torpedoes.

One of the bigger downsides to the Y-Wing pilots is the lack of any pilot upgrade, true they can mount 2 weapons but being able to utilise marksmanship or determination would really augment the Y-Wing in a tough spot.

Next up is the astromech droids available to the Y-Wing's which are exactly the same as the X-Wing selection.

Astromech Droids ÷

Name: R2-D2
Ability: After executing a green maneuver, you may recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
Cost: 4

Name: R2-F2
Ability: Action - Increase your agility value by 1 until the end of this game round.
Cost: 3

Name: R5-D8
Ability: Action - Roll 1 defence die.  On a (Evade) or (Focus) result, discard 1 of your facedown damage cards.
Cost: 3

Name: R5 Astromech
Ability: During the End phase, you may choose 1 of your faceup damage cards with the ship trait and flip it facedown.
Cost: 1

Name: R5-K6
Ability: After spending your target lock, roll 1 defence die.  On a (Evade) result, immediately acquire a target lock on that same ship.  You cannot spend this target during this attack.
Cost: 2

Name: R2 Astromech
Ability: You may treat all 1- and 2- speed maneuvers as green maneuvers.

Weapon Slots  ÷

Name: Proton Torpedoes
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack (Target Lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to perform this attack.  You may change 1 of you (Focus) results to a (Critical Hit) result.
Cost: 4

Name: Ion Cannon Turret
Damage: 3
Range: 1-2
Ability: Attack - Attack 1 ship (even a ship outside your firing arc).  If this attack hits the target ship, the ship suffers 1 damage and receives 1 ion token.  Then cancel all dice results.
Cost: 5

The ion cannon is probably the Y-Wing's trump card though expensive it can really ruin a tougher fighters day.  Even the TIE Advanced can be left a sitting duck when hit by the ion cannon.  The downside is the relatively high cost of the upgrade being 5 points per cannon


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