Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mass effect 3 Retalitation DLC trailer

Rare I post twice in one day I know but this is worth it.
New titles will change the lobby visually and show off your skills

Announced today is the latest piece of multiplayer DLC for Biowares Mass effect 3, and this is a big one for sure.  The trailer shows some of the cool content that will be available but the there is more.

There will be 6 new maps which is double what the previous expansions added.  Each map will feature new "hazard" effects which can range from sandstorms to lightning strikes.  It seems these can both hinder and assist teams as they fight.
A new class seems to utilise jetpack tech for attacks

There will be 16 new characters to play as, spread across the different playable races and classes.  Some of those revealed so far include:

  • Krogan Shaman Adept
  • Asari Huntress Infiltrator
  • Turian Havoc Soldier
  • Batarian Brawler Vanguard
New weapons are also to be included all of them Collector themed so expect the return of the Collector assault rifle if you missed it first time around, along with the Collector sub machine gun and sniper rifle.  These weapons are also accomppanied by new gear and upgrades.

One of the more striking visual changes will be the new challenges and multiplayer titles/banners.  These challenges award points which can then be spent on the titles for your character.  As such this also changes the new team lobby screen to show off your titles.  I guess it will give more longevity for those who have already maxed everything out already.
Challenges are used to unlock titles

The highlight though is of course the Collectors themselves which return in all their insectoid glory from Mass effect 2.  Rumour is that these enemies are being added because of the recently leaked Omega expansion will feature them as the main protagonists of the DLC for singleplayer.  I did wonder why they had been absent from the story of Mass effect 3, now we may finally find out.  Expect to see the usual run of enemies from ME2 with a new look along with their own human husk hybrids.  They certainly look like quite the challenge.  It is also pretty cool to see an entirely new foe enter the multiplayer arena.

Lastly this DLC is completely FREE and will be available next week between October 9th-10th depending on where in the world you are.


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