Monday, 8 October 2012

Been a bit quiet recently...

Sorry for not posting anything over the weekend, I have been busy playing X-Wing miniatures and Borderlands 2 a lot so time for posts has been short, I have to admit I haven't made any new cards for a while now and I feel bad for letting myself down there. 

But this week will see a major turn in that for the positive.  Firstly I will have a new TNA review tomorrow or Wednesday, followed by a review of XCOM enemy unknown on the PC.  A few days later I should have a review of the amazing looking Dishonored (also on PC) over the weekend.  I will also be posting some new transformers card templates when I get them done tomorrow.

Also this week we will be seeing the new Mass effect 3 multiplayer DLC releasing October 9th so I will post my views on this substantial update to an already pretty enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Lastly I will be having a go of posting some pictures of a battle from X-Wing.  It will be a battle report but I am not sure if it will be this week or next, since I want to have some graphics and other images for better describing the turns and actions taken.

So again sorry for the lack of posts, but I promise to have more this week going forward.


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