Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ubisoft dumps its always online DRM on all PC titles

And so the great Ubisoft, champion of the PC gaming world finally succumb to the crushing weight of reality and dumped its draconian DRM policy for its PC titles.  I recently spoke about Ubisoft and their company head Yves Guillemot when the idiot said that 93-95% of all ubisoft PC games are pirated, thus implying that only 5% of PC gamers legitimately buy copies of PC games.  Clearly this must have been the straw that broke the camels back because now they have done a complete U-turn (get it?) and dropped this system entirely.

All future titles will be clean and free of this system so those who are anitcipating Assassin's creed 3 can breathe easy now.  The new system Ubisoft are using will only require a single online activation and then you can play your singleplayer even when the internet goes down in the house.  I would assume this change also means games already released that suffered this DRM will be altered also, so games like Heroes of might and magic VI, Driver: San Francisco, Silent hunter and more will be far more enjoyable now without having to worry about Ubisofts servers going down thus preventing you from playing.

It is a shame it took and entire year of this before Ubisoft finally got the message that a majority of PC players are genuine customers who only want to be treated with respect as such.  Piracy is a problem on the PC that cannot be argued but it is nowhere near as severe as developers make it out to be.  Also do not forget readers that piracy is also rampant (maybe more so) on other media such as the Nintendo DS and 3DS, both of which suffer the R4 card situation and still Nintendo post huge profits each year.  XBOX360 is not safe from the piracy when you only need to look for a popular 360 game on torrent sites to see downloads of console games for piracy, and finally the PS3 suffered its jailbreak software which has allowed a proportionately smaller number of users run cracked playstations to pirate games.

With Ubisoft changing their ways we may yet see them become a little friendlier to the PC gaming community and win some fans back, if only I could say the same for Crytek who still regard PC players as thieves and thus focus their attention on the consoles now more than ever.  Hopefully crysis 3 will fail and they will come crawling back to the PC market for support like they did with Crysis.

Whats your opinion on Ubisofts DRM policy?  Has it affected you in the past?  Do you have any games that previously used this system?  Post your comments below there is no need to sign in, just post as anonymous if you like although any spam or offensive remarks will be deleted.


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