Saturday, 29 September 2012

Transformers CCG Update 19

Back again for another CCG update today.  This time it features a couple of my favourite characters from G1.  Prowl was always one of my favourites as a child because he turned into a police car (which are awesome when you are little) and he looked cool as a robot.  I remember being quite upset that poor Prowl died at the beginning of the film and also being quite shocked that a character from the very beginning of transformers was so coldly butchered.  Still here in the card game he will be an important addition to the autobots being able to coordinate combat strategies between units.  Basically he will give buffs to friendly units in conflict card areas.

Next up is Quake and I have to admit I only remembered him after seeing him in the new fall of cybertron game.  Here he looks a little boxy and more like a toy, but you can't turn down a tank in the middle of combat.  Quake will basically be a tough nut to crack in combat but thats about it, he is simple in his approach to combat.

Finally we have the double agent Punch with his decepticon alter ego Counter Punch.  I am still trying to figure out a way of using his dual identity in the game.  So far I think he should be an autobot unit but his special should be to jump to the decepticon players hand and be used as a 'con.  Every turn that Counter Punch is in the decepticon players hand a card is revealed.  The decepticon player has to maybe flip a coin or roll a die or something to try and detect the spy which forces him back into the autobot players hand and the ability cannot be used again, to avoid abuse of the rule.  Since he is an autobot I don't think allowing him to spy on the autobots would work since he is a double agent, but then again I will have to see what works.

Well thanks for reading and checking out the cards.  Be sure to check back regularly for more cards here on critical rocket.


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