Friday, 21 September 2012

Transformers CCG Update 18

Am I right in thinking that the autobots have less combiner units than the decepticons?  It just seems that way.  I guess it balances out when you have a 60 mile high autobot called metroplex but still in the main frontline combat aspect the 'cons have the advantage.  Either way the combiner mechanic is something I am really looking forward to testing out. 

The basic idea is that when you get all members of say the aerialbots you can on your next turn choose to combine them and form Superion.  Combiners are obviously massive, very powerful and take alot of damage to go down.  The trick is choosing when to deploy, and having to carefully manage your team members until the entire force is there.  This means you could have four of the aerialbots sat around doing very little in case you lose one of them and have to abandon your plan.

Even when a combiner is defeated the individual characters are not.  Damage done is spread equally across all members, making them weaker but still giving you five autobots/decepticons back.  There are other drawbacks to combiners though.  For a start its five of your deck taken up by these characters and its a risky strategy to focus solely on the use of a combiner(s) to win the day.  Combiners are also restricted to a single target per attack (barring some special abilities) so the loss of five attacks can be crucial for a defending player.

So todays cards are another combiner force, this time its the protectobots.  Nice variance here and Streetwise FTW.


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