Saturday, 15 September 2012

Transformers CCG Update 17

Recently things have been mainly autobots related and the decepticons were in fear of being outnumbered, but today is a decepticon counter attack of a pretty wild variety.

Introducing my cards of the Predacons a group I would love to see added to one of high moons games in the future.  This team of decepticons will make for quite a balanced group of combatants, featuring powerhouse characters such as Tantrum, high speed flyers like divebomb and versatile leadership from Razorclaw.  Each predacon alone will be a powerful tool on the battlefield, but as more enter the fray the close you get to forming predaking.

I find it amusing that the group are called predacons when two of them are herbivorous animals.  Why not replace the bull and rhino for a wolf and Crocodile?  Hasbro must have been stressed when they had the design meeting on this group and went with whatever sounded good on paper.  Still the group will have unique traits due to their animal forms much like the dinobots and insecticons.  I have some idea's but they need more fleshing out, still it will be a while before we see the completed cards with rules anyway so plenty of time yet.

Tomorrow I will be posting up my review of the newly released Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill or Armored Kill for those US blog viewers.  Thanks for reading, enjoy the cards and have a good weekend.


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