Friday, 7 September 2012

Transformers CCG Update 16

Been a while since an update but here we are again.  Today I have some of my latest character cards all of them being autobots.  This was purely down to the way the folders are laid out so I expect a tonne of decepticons soon in the next folder when we hit letters like R and S.

Okay so I first wanted to show Perceptor who as you can see turns into his classic G1 alt mode, but rest assured as soon as October rolls around and I get my copy of the art of the fall of cybertron there will be a new perceptor card with his tank mode.  I will also be doing a set of WFC/FOC character cards also, featuring different stats and special abilities.  Perceptors alt mode here will likely make him a medic of sorts, or be able to provide a buff to allies with his ability to spot targets from long range.

Overrun is a action master.  Action master images rarely show the alt vehicle mode of the characters and its a pain to find any decent artwork of their alt modes that fits with the robot image.  I have since decided to come up with a new ruleset for these characters but as yet its still very early stages.

Finally there is this ultra magnus rip-off Overload.  This guy is a smaller version of him canonically but I am not using the micromaster sizes for characters so that doesn't matter.  I know he has a jet but seriously trying to piece the front end of the jet from the original image is a complete nightmare for someone like me so he is unlikely to ever have the jet.  There is a chance his special ability may allow him to call it in remotely as an attack option, but we'll see.


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