Saturday, 1 September 2012

Transformers CCG Update 15

Back again after a drought of new images.  I have been working on the cards still but at a reduced pace now that my time is split between Guild wars 2 and Fall of cybertron multiplayer.  I have still be able to get a few cards done during this but not as many as I would have liked.  Still I have some more to show today so here they are.

I am quite happy with how Omega supreme turned out here.  I had to reduce him a few times to fit the card, a problem I have with Optimus Prime to.  Still Omega will be a true powerhouse on the field and be as strong as a combiner without the cost of bringing five units onto the field.  His cost will be higher though as a result.  A vehicle mode will be added as a seperate card at a later date but as part of an equipment card because of its ability to turn into a rocket launch site also.

Outback below Omega reminds me of one of the throttle bots and hound mixed.  Still I like his look.  These characters will be likely be a little cheaper but still have something unique to them that can make them useful on the battlefield.

On the decepticon side we have Misfire who despite his name will not have a ridiculously low damage stat or something to reflect his name.  Its a pity about the robot mode pose but since its art from another source I have no means of improving it.  Needlenose is our final decepticon here.  Another flyer and one that looks pretty mean.  Flyers are going to be the decepticon player biggest advantage, but as such they will lack ground forces so a good deck will try and balance this out.  The autobots suffer the reverse problem.

Well there you go.  Again these only represent four of around twelve cards I finished this week, but I don't want to show them all off here in one go.  Critical rocket will soon see some new reviews happily.  The first will be Guild wars 2 which will be a little harder to review and I may try something different there.  The other review that will be in the works is Sleeping Dogs the new hong kong sandbox game.

Until then have a good weekend everyone.


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