Sunday, 30 September 2012

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game

Earlier this year I made this blog with the intention of reviewing professional wrestling, Computer and console games and war games.  Now I admit the wargaming side of the blog is somewhat lacking, aside from a single post about the awesome flames of war miniatures game the blog has been pretty bereft of wargaming articles.

Today that changes because I recently got hold of the starter box for the new X-Wing dogfighting wargame from fantasy flight games.  Now I have some plans in mind for the future of this game for the blog.  Namely battle reports with photo's of the game turn by turn along with updates on new miniatures I buy and my impressions of the game as it expands.

Now the original set contains everything you need to play complete with three mini's, two TIE fighters and a single X-Wing.  The game is pretty simple to play and fast to complete small skirmishes.  So far I have had a few one on one fights but I intend on getting more models in the couple of months leading into December and then more for Christmas.

The models currently available are:

TIE Fighter
TIE Advanced

Every fighter costs around £9.99 or $14.99 in the U.S. which seems like a lot of cash but the detail of these models are stunning for the size (1/270).  They are VERY fragile though so if you get the set be careful when you first take the models out of the box because they can break extremely easily.  The best thing is to keep them stored far away from small hands and anywhere they can be knocked over.  On the stands is the best way to keep them since you will have less chance of touching the model and I also found that taking the model off the stands very tricky with the X-Wing.

If they do break its not too difficult to glue them back on, but try and avoid it all costs really.  The rest of the set is the usual high quality cards, dice and card counters FFG is known for and each expansion (ship) contains new cards, characters, special rules, counters and stands to give you more options for play.  Expect FFG to release a book of scenarios at some point also for larger scale battles.

A final note is the upcoming ships of the first wave of expansions:

TIE Interceptor
Slave I
Millennium Falcon

Slave I and the Falcon are bigger models and have many new rules specific to their use and this could be an indication of the kind of ships we may see after the initial movie ships have been released.  Its safe to assume that the B-Wing and TIE Bomber will make an appearance in another expansion, but what else FFG will bring to the table after that is anyones guess.  Many hope they will stick with the galactic civil war era and give us more ships from the expanded universe.  Failing that it is likely we will see prequel trilogy ships such as the ARC-170 and droid Tri-Fighter.

I urge anyone who is a big star wars fan or wargamer to try out this new game because the quality of the mini's and simple rules allow for some awesome moments of star wars gaming joy.


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