Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review: TNA No Surrender

Not really any notes taken of this one so this review will probably be short.

First off this was one of the most boring and bland pay per views TNA have done all year.  Literally nothing happened that we haven't already seen on Impact before.  Samoa Joe against Jeff Hardy was just a replay of the previous weeks match they had, worse still it had the same result.  Hardy beats Joe and moves onto the finals.  I don't get why management shits all over Joe, he is one of the best if not the best guy they have in the company right now.  He is big, powerful, fast and very athletic for his build.  Not to mention he has a good image and he can talk on the mic pretty well also.

Bully Ray against James Storm was an alright match but really again it was nothing especially great.  The TNA tradition of dragging out a storyline for two decades continued when Bobby Rooo was the reason Storm lost his match and went out of the bound for glory series.  Really its not a surprise they kicked out the two TNA original guys when you have Jeff Hardy and Bully ray to choose from.  Hogan and Bischoff have massive wood for former WWE employee's and for some unknown reason they think Jeff Hardy is the shit.

The knockouts match was again something we had already watched recently on impact only this time Tara lost instead.  Tessmacher got all annoyed with her "best friend" during the match and the two look likely to split as a team soon anyway.  Again this isn't shocking since TNA have been losing knockouts for last couple of months.  Pretty the female division of TNA will consist solely of Tessmacher and Gail Kim.

Austin Aries fighting against faceless hoodlum #5 was AGAIN a fight we had already seen on impact.  It ended the exact same way to, with Aries getting the upper hand before the aces and eights rush the ring and start a brawl.  What really sucked about this was just when it looked like we might see what one of these guys look like TNA denies us.  Why should we care when the storylines take so long to finish?  By now aces and eights should have made some big revelation about who is leading them and then become part of a bigger story, not still doing this hit and run shit.  WWE has their storylines wrapped up in pretty tidy fashion, but still keep them short and interesting.  TNA drag them out beyond belief for a payoff that never adds up to much anyway.

The X division match was ok.  Sonjay dutt was good, Zema Ion sucked as usual, honestly though it was pretty forgettable.  (I almost forgot to put it in the review it was so bland)

RVD fighting Magnus was predictable to say the least.  Magnus has been in and out of TNA management favour for years now and they never use him properly anyway.  The only reason I can think of that he is still there is because he hopes to be picked up by WWE at some point.  RVD obviously wins his match because once again, former ECW/WWE guys give Hogan and Bischoff stiffy's.

The World tag title match was probably the most entertaining and fun, but do we really still have to suffer this atrocious AJ/Daniels plot?  It's been going for most of, if not an entire year.  How can you do that?  When will it hit the point that Daniels has had enough of fighting AJ and vice versa?  They both put on some great matches, but so did Shawn Michaels and Undertaker and we don't want to see them wrestle every fucking week.

The finale was also a terrible piece of storytelling.  Hardy has a pretty messed up shoulder due to a fight earlier with the aces and eights.  Bully wants to fight Hardy to win the match legit and go to face the champ.  Hardy comes out and looks to beat up tp fight, but he does anyway.  All good so far, we have the good guy fighting for what he wants despite his injuries who in all probability should lose fighting anyway.  Of course thats not the case.  Bully kicks hardy's ass throughout the fight, i mean absolutely leathering him.  Hardy wins with some bullshit moves and becomes #1 contender.  Fuck this company.

Other things that baffled me:
  • Hogan calling the entire state police force down to protect the ring area and then telling them how to do their job.
  • Sonjay Dutts "shoulder brace" that looked like sticky tape


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