Friday, 10 August 2012

WWE missed a great opportunity with saturday morning slam

Its rare that I talk about wrestling outside of the reviews, but with the flurry of WWE changes recently its been hard not to comment on them.  Monday night raw has gone from 2 hours to 3, even though the show was struggling with its 2 hour slot.  They now have a new show to replace NXT which runs an hour and finally they have Smackdown which struggles to break even each week and also runs 2 hours.  So each week the hardcore WWE fan has 6, yes 6 hours of wrestling a week.  I personally only watch raw and find that tough to get through at times, so 6 hours of PG wrestling is impossible for me.

But recently WWE announced a new saturday morning kids show for WWE called 'saturday morning slam' which they claim will be "the most energised 30 minutes of television in the morning".  Basically its going to be a live action show with a sliver of wrestling, but mostly backstage crap with already overworked WWE talent acting up and working on the anti bullying campaign.

I honestly think WWE missed a great opportunity here to make a kids TV show about the WWE.  Does anyone remember Hulk Hogans rock 'n' wrestling?  It sucked but at least it was a way for kids to see their favourite babyfaces outside of the squared circle and it be entertaining....slightly.  I think it would be hilarious to see these cartoon versions of todays roster.  Get some bad voice actors in and the show would be complete.  Rey mysterio would have a massively stereotyped accent, Triple H would have a huge nose, Big show would be the huge smiley babyface and John Cena would be just as annoying as he is on the live show.  Knowing WWE they would probably have Cena do his characters voice overs for higher ratings.

The plotlines could still focus on the anti-bullying idea, but have some OTT wrestling action in there and "hilarious" adventures. It could have a terrible intro theme produced by jim johnston and have guest superstars in the form of legends like Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels that sort of thing.

Its just a live action childrens show in the morning seems really pointless.  Kids already probably watch WWE in the morning at some point during the week so this show seems pointless really.  McMahon is just throwing cash around like he has an endless amount of the stuff.  Maybe he's trying to lose it all before he retires so Paul Levesque can't get his hands on it.  Either way much like NXT, XFL and all the other saturday WWE shows this will likely fail and be canned in a few months and be forgotten shortly after.

When they finally launch their own network sometime next year these kind of shows will probably be dropped anyway to host them there instead.  Personally i'm surprised TNA haven't copied them yet and produced their own saturday morning show which sucks even more than impact.  Still a cartoon version of TNA would be more entertaining and at least you could explain any plot holes away since its a cartoon shown.

What do you think about WWE's new saturday morning programming?  Leave a comment below and thanks for reading, have a good weekend all.


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