Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Transformers CCG Update 14

Another week and another card update here.  Today I found myself in a bit of a dilemma concerning the alt mode of Megatron.  I have always been a fan of the decepticon leader and want to make sure he is as badass as he has always been portrayed (well except for the live action movies) and so his card is much like Grimlocks in that he has an entire card for himself with no alt mode, just stats and a powerful special ability.

My problem is his alternate mode.  I could have him turn into his traditional gun, but it just doesn't feel right really, but I am stuck because there are no good images of Meg's in his tank mode from war for cybertron, fall of cybertron or even the comic storylines.  At this point I am thinking of givng him his tank mode from war for cybertron even though the art will clearly not match with the robot image, but there is little else I can do here other than become a really good comic artist and create the art myself.  I will probably keep his gun mode though and make a attach card out of it to give a weaker unit a powerful weapon at the cost of losing a powerful unit.

Other than Megatron being completed I am showing Metroplex.  He will obviously be one of the most if the most powerful card in the game, unless I add Unicron (only kidding).  Metroplex is one of the best cards not because he will sporting ten's on most of his stats but also because he will be able to deploy two autobots from his gigantic innards and also deploy into his defence mode.  Obviously I still need to work out the specifics on bringing the massive metroplex onto the field.  One idea I had was to give him the ability to outright win a single conflict mission per game on the basis of his massive firepower being able to decimate a location.


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