Friday, 17 August 2012

Transformers CCG update 13

Hello and welcome to my next Transformers Conflicts update.  Today I have a few of the classic characters to show off from the original series.

The insecticons here represent only a couple of the completed force.  But they are probably going to have a few nasty but useful abilities to quickly reinforce a decepticon force on the backfoot.  Meanwhile I have on the autobot side a couple of the toughest bots to fight in the civil war.  Ironhide will live upto his name and be pretty tough to damage in a straight up fight, while Jetfire has all the advantages of aerial units but due to his large size he can hold his own against a couple of foes at once.

Thats all for today, more cards will be previewed as the weeks go by, but the next week or so will be pretty busy.  Tomorrow I will be posting my review of street fighter X tekken.  Sunday will be Alan wake's american nightmare review.  Monday will see my TNA impact review for the week and rounding off the week will be my multi part Transformers Fall of cybertron review.  The week after will be the release of the highly anticipated MMO guild wars 2.  My review of that may take a little longer considering the size of MMO games and may also need a multi part review itself.


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