Saturday, 11 August 2012

Transformers CCG Update 12

Update 12 and more new cards from my upcoming transformers conflicts CCG.  Today I would like to briefly go over the rules in its most basic form. 

Both teams will have a base card which is larger in size compared to the standard characters, equipment, combiner cards.  The base either represents Kaon for decepticons or Iacon for autobots.  When deploying units you will be placing them on the base card for repairs, face down for deployment next turn or around the base itself. 

Energon is generated by your base and is a fixed amount.  Energon is used to buy units, make attacks and special abilities work and to win the game.  Victory can be achieved by collecting enough energon to power your escape vessel, either the Ark or Nemesis.  The other way to achieve victory is to conquer your opponents base.  This is done by attacking it with your units.

Players draw conflict cards that have a mission or valuable resource on them and both players will want to fight for these resources as they will be key in winning the game.  I will not go into detail here about these because the rules for them specifically are quite long.

Anyway thats the basic framework.  Combat will be a section I update further down the line, but for now here are some of the cards I finished recently, which turn out to all be autobots purely because of the alphabetical nature of the folders really.  These three don't represent all of the cards I have completed this week. I have finished around 25 - 30, but don't want to show off every single card, so here is Highbrow, hot rod and Huffer.

Highbrow was a character that annoyed me in the original show, but his art here is pretty cool and his transformation is different for a change.  The more flyers the better really for the autobots.  Hot rod may not have the best picture of the bunch but he looks ready for action at least which is good for a CCG card.  Maybe his special ability will be to get in Primes way.  Lastly we have Huffer and wow does he look mean.  Did anyone ever picture Huffer looking this badass?  He looks tough in robot form, althogh his vehicle is a little naff.

One of the main problems with the art is that the robot and vehicle modes where drawn by seperate artists and so sometimes the vehicle doesn't quite match the robot.  Sometimes having parts that aren't shown.  This can clearly be seen with Huffer who is lacking the silver exhaust pipes in his robot image, but his vehicle one includes them.  Its not a massive problem since transformers fans have been happily letting visual mistakes like this slide since the original cartoons.

Anyway thanks for reading and taking the time to look at the images.  I will try and have something different for tomorrow, possibly a review for you to read.  Have a good weekend all.


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